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(JAWA) School


Helena Revan

Event details

This event began 06/24/2016 and repeats every week on Friday forever



(JAWA) School is a weekly class covering every aspect of Jedi Academy, from lightsaber combat techniques and Force usage to different game types, such as Capture-the-Flag or Siege, team training, and special events!  Content changes from one week to the next, so there's always something new to learn!

(JAWA) School also offers two weekly TFFA classes: one on Monday afternoons, at the same time as the Friday classes, and one on Thursday evenings.  Classes are generally open to everyone, so drop by, join your friends, and hone those skills!

See you there!


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The time displayed on the forums is based on your time zone, which you probably set when you made your account.  But (JAWA) School moves around as teachers schedule classes, and a new slate of classes should be outlined soon.  The days and times will vary, but there'll be a topic containing a list of upcoming classes as soon as we get a schedule together, so you'll know when classes are being offered!



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