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Rate The Song Above You(Music Rating Game)

Axel Xirics

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Rate songs out of 5. Then post a new song for the next person to rate.


1)You Must have youtube link to your song.

2)Explain why you gave the song the rating.

For example:

I post ABCD by XYZ

The next poster rates my song 2/5 because the singer is too breathy for his/her tastes.

The poster then picks the next song.


I'll start.

Ill Nino-Liar

Oh and can the YouTube BBCode be eneabled ?

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I'll give your song 3/5. I really liked the acoustic parts and clean vocals, also the first growl part. The metal parts sound pretty basic, meh.

My song shall be:

Dire Straits - Lady Writer. Some good classic rock instead of metal, this time.

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This topic will probably be moved to spam soon.

Anyway, Axel, youtube bbcode is enabled. You can just put your link between the tags or click on the youtube bbcode when you post.

As for Genbor's song. I'm actually going to rate it 5/5. The reason for that being simple, I liked it the instant I heard it. The melody, guitar playing, small riffs, they all make this song very enjoyable to listen.

As for my song, it'll be "Dear you" by Yuduki. It's quite a peaceful song, that comes from a visual novel that is not so... peaceful.

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3/5 aswell. It's some basic easy-listening punk rock song, though the chorus was great. I haven't listened to Good Charlotte that much, but I like I Just Wanna Live song though.

Time for another basic rock song, this time by Kent. It's a swedish rock/pop band, easy-listening aswell. Great riffs and melodies.

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Pretty basic i like it because it's a nice calm song to listen when your stressed or something.

4/5 Because i have never heard of that band but in rest it's cool :D

Oh and sorry for wrong Forum post, thanks for letting me know.


Axel Xirics

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4/5. Epic but it may have sounded a lot better if they up-ed the tempo a bit :P

Yay for Dragon Age: Origins. *mood swing* Song is This is War - 30 Seconds to Mars.

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I'm gonna give this song a 2½/5.

It's bit too long, 8mins and 25seconds... meh. Metallica is ok, but I've always thought it's overrated.

Now for some far more intense thrash metal, from Russia.

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2/5 - Not really a massive fan of the old thrash metal, but it wasn't the worse Thrash metal song I've ever heard. So that's why it doesn't score rock bottom XD sorry Gen

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3.5/5 , yes i know i put a half into it lmao, the vocal to it isnt bad, but i like the drumming and guitar so :thumbup: this is mine, i ccud post alot but heres my choice, by the Band; Breaking Benjamin:

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Hmm, I was going to respond to Soulhound's song, but when I came back, there was already a different one. Oh well.

I'll give it 3/5. It's a good song to listen to once awhile, but it's not something that I would listen to over and over again. I quite really like how the atmosphere of the song changes bit by bit.

Here's a song that most of you have probably not heard. It's a huge medley, consisting of tons of anime and game songs. Only the version that I posted here, is dubbed in English. Now why would I do that? Because, after having heard it in Japanese so much that the 10 minutes worth of lyrics were burned into my skull, it was quite amusing to hear the English version. Especially, since he makes some parts humorous on purpose.

People who watch quite a lot of animes may notice their favorite themes in there.

Also, Squirrel, that song you posted is awesome. I loved every second of it, so I'll probably check out the movie soon as well. Kenji Kawaii (the guy who composed that song) also happens to be in a very high list of my favorite composers. He also did the music for Fate/stay night.

Kumikyoku Nico Nico Douga

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3/5 The lyrics are hilarious I assume they were meant to be that way. I am glad that your soup is well flavoured! :D also its tough to get through because its 10 minutes long.

for my song I choose Human by the Killers

Like all Killers the vocals aren't that great but I really love this song for some reason lol

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2/5...I didn't enjoy it at all, but that's because that's not my flavor of music (and I enjoy lots of different types of music lol), but I gave them a 2 because it IS Cypress Hill...I just never liked them.

Now for my choice, I was gonna put up a local band video (maybe next time I will), but this time I put in the song I was listening to before I saw this thread..It's a great song and a great band!! Enjoy.


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4/5 Good song i never heard that band but it got my body moving thats good thing *oi*

Manian - Ravers in the UK

I like the singers voice and girls voice in this song is just perfect *mood swing*

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Ehm guys you don't have to comment the songs that have already been, just comment the song above you, but not a long one, like it or not a small critic and the rating thats all XD .

Oh and i love that Naruto song 5/5 .


Ok let's see how do you put up with my own favorite OST's .

I will be posting a lot of them here :D

Godsmack for the win!!!!!!!!!

This song always pumps me up when i play games, i put this song and turn it up to the max and start slaying and owning sand beasts in PoP: Warrior Within.

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3/5 I liked it, and it's... Different to what I usually listen to but it'd not really my thing lol.

I didn't know OST's were included lol. Overture - Halo 3 ODST Soundtrack. *mood swing*

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