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Rate The Song Above You(Music Rating Game)

Axel Xirics

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1/5. Didn't like it at all. [media=] Can't remember if I had posted this before, or if it was on jkhub...

4/5 Liked it Giffy http://youtu.be/HOHoGKcrZxU

4/5, that type of music is growing on me lately. Guardians of the Galaxy inspired. oof.

4/5....really like the riffs in this one.....also vikings are always cool.

This song is my happy song for some reason when im feeling down lol


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Im going to have fun digging through this thread.


I really like this song overall, I but Id like it more if the instruments werent pushed so far back in the mix, and it was in english so I actually understood it xD.  4/5 


Not sure how to get the vid to display but heres my track: 




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JC Denton of UNATCO

3/5 I really like Disturbed, and the instrumentals reminded me allot of Disturbed. But the singing is fine. Lyrics are fine. Chorus sounds good, though!


Got a song here from one of my favorite game series', Max Payne...



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JC Denton of UNATCO
7 hours ago, Sylux said:

The video is unavailable

Changed the link. Should work now, let me know if it doesn't.

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