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Leave of Absence Guide


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A Leave of Absence is when a member has to spend time away from the server, forum or both.

A leave of absence is usually considered 2 - 8 weeks in length, however can be longer if circumstances are out of your control.


The most important thing is that you keep the council informed of LOA's.


How to post a Leave of Absence: 

Simply make a topic in Hi-Bye Away letting the clan and council know you are going to be away for a little while. Try to give the council enough information to ensure you are not removed needlessly from the clan. It is important that you keep the council up to date on your LOA as you may risk being removed if your leave of absence exceeds 2 months.


Note: If you want to keep the reasons for your LOA private, please private message a council member who will treat it confidential. 


Leave of Absence Guide

A leave of absence is made when you cannot be on the server for two weeks or more. A leave of absence shouldn't usually exceed one to two months, however if the reason for your absence is out of your control then this will be taken into account. It is important we keep an active roster as much as possible and therefore we will usually contact people if they've not been heard from in a while. It is important to note that you may face removal if you do not keep us informed of your leave of absence. A leave of absence should never last longer than 6 months and you may find yourself being removed regardless, it is better to leave and come back than sit inactive on a roster. 


Overall the Leaders will make a judgement call on your leave of absence and this will be frequently reviewed with the council. This is why it is important to keep in contact with us and update the clan/council on your status as much as possible. 


We are aware real life comes first in a lot of cases, but we need to keep things running smooth and need to be made aware of changes to your activity here. 

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