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Jedi Academy name during the incident: (JAWA)MasterNatsumi or possiblye (JAWA)MastercyPORG!  :porg: 
Previous names on the (JAWA) server: Natsumi, :porg:  I know it's an emote too but I use it as a name, and all the ranks to master except for guardian and lady.
What was the date?: Today,  May 23rd, 2019
Which admin(s) were involved?: Evok
Please explain in your own words what happened:
This was during open knights practice. I didnt' see Rufus laming but I'm sure he probably did, he's done it before.  I saw Evok tell him last warning and a few minutes later we switched maps. While we're waiting to go live Evok started to lame Rufus. From what I understand after talking to another admin privately is there might have been two times he lamed Rufus, one seeming accidental and one probably not accidental. After the round Evok logged in just to kick Rufus for laming. I'm not arguing that Rufus didn't lame because he probably did, but so did Evok and the whole situation seemed weird.


While discussing it with others, several other admins agreed to having seen Evok lame often but not this instance.

How would you suggest we avoid an incident like this in the future?:
Sorry this is as blunt and honest as it can be:

Remove his admin, lamers shouldn't admin lamers. It looked like those two were equally trolling each other to me.


Honestly even if this is argued accidental, multiple people see Evok lame often.

Other comments:
Please someone check the logs, I don't want to put everyone else's names in here, but they can be read and I can provide any screenshots I have. Also something else happened afterwards which I can give a screenshot for.

I would rather PM the evidence.


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I was also present and peripherally involved, although I didn't use any admin powers during the situation.  Rufus was Amero, so it's not a surprise that *he* was laming, but he also complained about Evok laming him.  And Natsumi saw it.  And I've seen him try to get away with this numerous times between rounds in TFFA, but all that ever happens is that people tell him to cut it out.  Amero reported it multiple times, and I believe him even though he's a known troll.  Evok was involved in the situation, and shouldn't have been adminning Amero.  Amero also claimed that Evok was sending him PM's, although he later said that he was just claiming that it was justified, so I'm not sure whether that's important.  Before he added that detail, I said I'd let the council know, and asked him to send me a PM with a screenshot of whatever was happening in private.  So far, haven't received anything.  I doubt Amero would bother taking a screenshot, even if someone did him wrong.  But I can't judge based on what I haven't seen or heard.



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