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Helena silencing, banning.


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Jedi Academy name during the incident: Padawan 27 , Padawan
Previous names on the (JAWA) server: Padawan
What was the date?: 16th Apr 2020
Which admin(s) were involved?: Helena
Please explain in your own words what happened:
I'll just repost I guess. 


Early today, Helena silenced me, then banned me without reason. :roll: was over something stupid tbf, other clan members even said it wasn't justified.. 


I joined the server, saw someone was using the old bind of someone that, "suck out!" So I said "SUCK OUT! YEAH FOCK YEAH?! :D" uno mimicking the orginal, then she silenced me, without warning, this was 15 seconds in the server. Was literally the first thing I said.  "Shouting obscenities isnt swearing" - thats exactly what swearing is, and if its not swearing, I'm not really at fault am I? So ofc I came back and 


Then when people were just harmlessly casually chatting about the tng site, I mentioned their jka menu and said "gandalf masterbate thing lmao" then she silenced me then banned. Again, no warning. The logs will show it. She was sleeping a lot of lamers and policing a lot of harmless chat from other people too tbf, seems petty and out of order. You can see from the logs etc there was no warning at all. A silence after max 15 secs is basically power abuse. 


You can spin this and say "People complained, I was trolling etc" but its simply not true. I dueled people and then FFA'd. 

People have said much worse that me referencing something or saying "YEAH? FOCK YEAH!"

I have screenies too.



How would you suggest we avoid an incident like this in the future?:
Keep on eye on Helena and her attitude, honestly from what I've seen and heard of other players and at one point the entire server shes not well liked and brings a negative vibe sometimes. It seems to be an ego thing, as when other players on in a convo chatting etc, she'll jump in with a comment, bad joke or start an argument blatantly just for attention. 

Other comments:
You need to lighten up, follow your owns rules and be a better admin. The vibe that people are getting from you is that you just wanna bully, troll and scold people on jka. Which is certainly seems like. You play JKA for your own ego or powertrip, thats your thing, but communicate the issues you have. If you're on her list she'll disobey the rules herself just to punish. Played many time with other clan members and had no issues. 


Theres been other petty stuff too. She once tried to enforce her will and say "Saying RIP is offensive!" when I used my "RIP in Peaces & Prosperity" bind then stopped when TheDoctor used it a few times himself andMarduk made his own version. She also tried to accuse me of racism one time for saying "I like black twi'leks, they're cool" 
















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12 minutes ago, TheDoctor said:

Ha! A likely report...


As discussed on Discord, I'll remove the ban shortly. Sorry you got caught up in this.




Absolutely, I wholeheartedly agree! 


Thanks Doc!

- RIP in Peaces & Prosperity

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