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EternalJK for Dummies


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Step 1: Download the most current version. 
Found here

Step 2:





eternal unzip.png


Step 3: Now take all the stuff and slap it in your JKA "Game Data" Folder




Step 4: Okay now Windows might hate you and think you downloaded a virus...you didn't... So you will have to tell windows that you are the master and hope it does not become self aware. 


Any way Right click on EternalJK launcher thing.


You will want to run as admin all the time so make this happen...run as admin.png





But how do I use it? you ask? I'll post that later and slap a link in here as well.


For JA+ Animations to work! Download this


You will need to add it to your Base folder and/or EternalJK folder depending on where you open the game.


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On 8/4/2020 at 4:03 PM, Cassidy said:

As someone who still uses OpenJK, would the transition to this one hurt? I mean configs and already downloaded files..

Any experiences? 


Ive tried it and to answer my own question, the transition wasnt that complicated. Just had to move configs to the new folder.

However I just couldnt enable ja+ or ja++ with EternalJK. I saw the animations of others and if i pulled a config it was there, but the settings itself was missing. 

Eventually Ive reinstalled the game and went back to OpenJK, I think the newest version offers almost the same (Im not an expert though)


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@SephFF yes, but ive managed to do that in the end, the problem was with ja+ features. Ive tried adding files to japlus folder, EternalJK folder, both, neither :D but it didnt work

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@Cassidy The thing with EternalJK is that it does not really support JA+/JA++ (atleast from my own experience) as it automatically has jaPro integrated into the client which basically does the same and offers even more features. The only thing missing are various animations, where without you will just t-pose. For that, I have the "sh_animations.pk3" in my "../Jedi Academy/GameData/eternaljk" folder which puts these animations back into the game.


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5 minutes ago, KanGy said:

Is it possible to disable these icons and/or the sound that it comes with?




Just stop killing bots and you won't see this ever again. ??

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7 minutes ago, TheDoctor said:

It should be cg_drawrewards 0.


1 is the default, 2 changes it to an evil looking skull thing and 0 turns off both the medal(s) and sounds.



Thank you ❤️

i absolutely hate them XD

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here are some random nice things to know for eternaljk


cg_defaultModelRandom 0 fixes eternalcrash  if you get this error: Error: DEFAULT_MODEL / skin ((null)/tavion) failed to register


eternal JK health bind
bind F1 "say ^4>^1 %H% ^0|^2 %S% ^0|^5 %F% ^0|^4<"


EternalJK lets you CTRL+C links posted in chat....useful for sharing maps or whatever.


pressing tab shows list of commands in console


this lets you see movement speed.



this lets ya see key presses for your self or when specing ppl

cg_movementkeys 1


This lets ya see deaths on base servers

cg_scoreDeaths 2


the console can be brought down with different sizes as well:

ctl `  full screen
shit ` quarter sc
` half screen


this helps with stafe stuff



in console type cg_chat the press tab to see a bunch of commands to adjust the chat in JKA








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