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Hello Folks,


Last night I told Rose I want to help empower the people in the arts. While we wait for Arts to hopefully get back into full swing, I thought I would help encourage those that my have limited knowledge of the digital arts.


To get things rolling, I would like to ask anyone and everyone to make request on some tutorials you would like to see for learning the Adobe suite and/or Photography.


Perhaps there is a tool in Photoshop you don't know how to use? Maybe you don't even know where to start?


I truly believe everyone has a creative bone in them, it's just a matter of matching the right art(s) with that creative part of you. For me that became digital art. So I would like to share my experience and pleasure that this type of art brings me.


So please, ask your questions and I will do my best to create some original tutorials or I will point you to some solid resources if it is something I am not an expert in.


Here are some reference threads of mine:









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I'm about halfway through the first tutorial. It's nothing fancy. Literally just showing you how to create a new project. You can't hike a mountain without taking your first step.


Here's a little teaser to show you all I mean business.



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I regret to report there is a delay in production. I will be away from my workstation powerhouse for a day or two. Something (good) came up unexpectedly. Do not fret my baby birds, I will feed you when I return. 😊


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Just wanted to let you all know, I am still working on this. If there is one thing you will learn about me, is that I like to take on a lot of projects at once. This does bog me down, but I will make things happen. I have already captured most if not all the footage I need and have written most of the script (hoping I won't need a script in the future.) 😊 Stay tuned!

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