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CONTEST Contest - SotW #526 TV Shows


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Create a signature based on TV Shows

Closing date for submissions: 21st September

Next Week's Theme


Submission Stage Rules:

Participating rules:

  • Anyone can submit.
  • Screenshots are allowed JUST be creative. Don't leave them unedited!
  • Signatures resolution must be 500x250 or less. Make sure you do stick to the size limit. Width AND height. Entries with more pixels than the size limit won't be put up for the vote!
  • Do not use your past work which has already been submitted to the competition.
  • Do not use work that has been taken from another Author.
  • No Nudity.
  • No offensive remarks.

Breaking any of these rules can, and will, lead to disqualification from the current weeks SoTW.  

Participants can also write about their submitted signature. To do so, please write it underneath a title, Creator's Note. It will then be pasted under your submission in the voting stage.

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The background is a long exposure photo I took sometime after midnight in the White Mountains last summer, right before almost hitting two moose on the way home. The Flash render was grabbed from the this neat resource called the internet. The lightning was created by using a lightning brush and then manipulating it to my will. The other "speed" effect was created using various blurring and transforming effects while blending each layer to build on one another.


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Helena Revan

Here's mine!


SotW 526 Helena.png


Artist's notes:


I started with an idea to do a geometric framing design with details like in a Mucha poster.  I'm not skilled enough for that, but I followed through with the idea for my layout.  I couldn't make the texture I had in mind for the background, which was going to be a distressed fabric, but I used a grass brush, and it looks pretty good anyway.  I made icons for each of the elements, but couldn't find a good stock image for the way I wanted water or air to look, so I drew those myself, and tinted the rest.  I chose a variety of important characters and some action shots to give some of the flavour of the series, and scaled and cropped them all to the same height and to focus on just what there was space for.  The background image needed a little editing.  It came from a wallpaper, and it was a little too washed out to fit with the rest, so I darkened it and increased the saturation.  The title is from a png render, cropped, lightened, and with a drop shadow.  I sharpened the drop shadow and moved it closer to the text to make it pop more, and give it a more 3D appearance.  The font I used for my signature is called "Herculaneum", and it's the same font used in the original Avatar titles.  It's a brushed capital script with several alternate letter shapes—you'll notice two different A's and two different N's, which I chose based on their position relative to the other letters.  The whole signature was made above scale—my canvas was 1000 x 500, although I didn't use quite that much.  Drawing over scale helps smooth pixellated graphics.  I'd like to thank Draggy for providing feedback and helping me refine a couple of details, and Sami for getting me to watch this amazing series!


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