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Unban Request -


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Jedi Academy name during the incident: Incuetoo

Reason(s) for being banned from The (JAWA) server: Toxic comments
What was the date?: I don't remember, June perhaps?
Which admin(s) were involved?: MistressHelena, Wookie

Please explain in your own words what happened:
I was being toxic.

Other comments:
I no longer am toxic

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Was I supposed to grovel? I just want to see the server more active, nothing more nothing less, I have a few friends in JAWA, cant see it perish just yet :D

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The council have discussed your request and have decided to deny it for now.

You haven't tried to apologise nor have you really shown that you care per the comment about grovelling.


You may re-submit an unban request in 3 months time!


Thank you,


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