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CONTEST Contest - SotW #528 Autumn/Fall!


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Create a signature based on Autumn/Fall!

Closing date for submissions: 19th October 2020

Next Week's Theme


Submission Stage Rules:

Participating rules:

  • Anyone can submit.
  • Screenshots are allowed JUST be creative. Don't leave them unedited!
  • Signatures resolution must be 500x250 or less. Make sure you do stick to the size limit. Width AND height. Entries with more pixels than the size limit won't be put up for the vote!
  • Do not use your past work which has already been submitted to the competition.
  • Do not use work that has been taken from another Author.
  • No Nudity.
  • No offensive remarks.

Breaking any of these rules can, and will, lead to disqualification from the current weeks SoTW.  

Participants can also write about their submitted signature. To do so, please write it underneath a title, Creator's Note. It will then be pasted under your submission in the voting stage.

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Helena Revan

SotW 528 Helena 04.png


Artist's Note:


This signature was inspired by the view out my window, right behind the computer, a couple of weeks ago after sunset.  The sky really did look like that, with the trees in silhouette.  The trees are different and the hills aren't exactly like mine, but that's the gist of it.  To make this, I looked for some hills to stand in for mine, and after some unfruitful searching found an old hills photo I'd used for another signature.  They didn't quite fit my vision, so I rendered the foreground hill, and placed it on top of the rest, all filled with black.  I found a nice, detailed tree silhouette, and used it at a few different sizes and proportions to produce all four of the trees visible in this signature—the whole thing isn't visible anywhere, so you can't tell that they're all the same tree!  The sky is a simple gradient, from a deep vermilion along the horizon to a slightly dull sky blue about 150 pixels above the top of the signature, which produced several fairly realistic sunset gradients—I tried seven variations in the end, settling on this one that's almost all orange, since that's what the sky looks like unless you look up, and also it looked the best out of the variations.  The clouds are made with a cloud brush, at different sizes and with different pressures to make them look varied, and fainter as they get further away.  I don't remember any clouds the night of that sunset, but they add a bit of verisimilitude to the sky in this signature.  The title font is Academy Text, augmented by Bodoni text ornaments that I felt looked suitably autumnal.  Academy Text is a little less formal than Fraktur would have been, and it suits the theme better than a Roman or sans-serif font would have.  I also considered some Uncial and Art Nouveau fonts, but Academy Text works well.  You might not notice that it's slightly redder than the sky—if it were the same colour, it would have looked too light, considering how far below the horizon it is.  My signature line is in Benguiat Gothic, both in tribute to the late Ed Benguiat, who just died a few days ago, and because it's decorative and more readable than Academy Text at that size.  It's actually the same colour as the title, but set to 50% opacity so that it doesn't detract from the title as much.


As usual, I made this at double size to make the final product smoother.  Here's the original:

SotW 528 Helena 07.png


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The submissions part of this contest are now closed. Voting stage as well as a new SotW is up soon.

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