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Hey guys! It's been quite some time since I've been around.. Just recently got a new laptop and thought about y'all and wanted to swing by and say hey. You guys have crossed my mind a couple times over the last couple years, and wanted to see how everyone is doing. I just might be reinstalling the game and jumping on from time to time.. maybe, but not sure if I'll really have the time to do anything. 

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3 hours ago, Helena Revan said:

Hello, Sazen!  Nice to hear from you.  Catch you on the server some time!




Hey Helena, been quite some time! I will definitely be trying to get on the server from time to time, once I get the game completely setup.


2 hours ago, System said:

A blast from the past, Hi Sazen. Hope you're doing well


Right? It's definitely been awhile since I've poked around. I most definitely am doing well, and hope you have been as well.

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On 11/3/2020 at 6:36 PM, Ruxith said:

Dude!!!! I was literally thinking about you the other day (in a totally manly broship kind of way ?) It's good to see you back around man. Have to catch up for all these years.


Haha talk about a coincidence then, right? Haha! We will definitely need to catch up, no doubt about it!


Hey Jazzy and hey Darman!

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