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RESULTS JAWA League Results, 7 February 2021!

Helena Revan

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Helena Revan

The first (JAWA) League of 2021 was held Sunday afternoon on the (JAWA) Server, a week after a series of mix-ups forced the postponement of January's League.  Twelve members participated in the Duel Tournament, a new champion was crowned, there were close finishes in several events, a first-time winner, and Seph's map made its competition debut in Watch Out for that Sniper and the Merc War!  Congratulations to all of this month's winners, and thanks to Wolfy, Arceus, Seph, and the Doctor for helping to host this month's (JAWA) League!



Events and Winners:

Green = first time winner!


The Duel Tournament:


Round 1 Results:

Arceus defeated Cassidy

Darth Lekku defeated Wolfy

Helena Revan defeated Ken Solo

Fransuave defeated Niko

SephFF defeated Joker

Shadow defeated Darman

Jazzy received a first-round bye


Round 2 Results:

Arceus defeated Darth Lekku

SephFF defeated Helena

Jazzy defeated Shadow

Fransuave advanced to the semifinals due to a bracketing error


Semifinal Round Results:

Arceus defeated SephFF

Jazzy defeated Fransuave


Final Match:

Jazzy defeated Arceus in a close fight to win this month's Duel Tournament!



The (JAWA) Championship:

As Starty was unable to attend this month's League, the winner of the Duel Tournament, Jazzy, became the new (JAWA) Champion!



FFA Events:


Singles Heaven: Jazzy

Dual Heaven: Cassidy

Staff Heaven: SephFF

Melee Heaven: Cassidy

Freestyle Lightsaber Event: Helena Revan



The Tag-Team Tournament:


First Round:

Fransuave & Cassidy defeated Jazzy & Ken Solo

Shadow & SephFF defeated Arceus & Darth Lekku

Helena Revan & Joker and Wolfy & Niko received first-round byes


Second Round:

Helena & Joker defeated Fransuave & Cassidy

Wolfy & Niko defeated Shadow & SephFF


Final Match:

Helena & Joker defeated Wolfy & Niko to win the Tag-Team Tournament!



(JAWA) Darts:

Ten competitors faced off on Board 1, taking two throws on the platform bobbing up and down above the board, followed by one from the platform moving at an oblique angle to the board, and the final two from the platform bobbing up and down beneath the board.  The first four throwers all scored within 150 points of each other, with SephFF leading off with the high of 600.  Then, in the fifth turn, Helena Revan hit the triple-200 space with her first two throws, and finished with the event's only bullseye in her last, to score 1,980 points!  But in the very next turn, Wolfy did her one better, finding the triple-200 space three times, landing the event's top score with 2,090 points!  Fransuave finished in third place at 630.



Watch Out for that Sniper!

We lost a few players between the Darts and Sniper competition, but the seven who remained took pot shots at each other in the competition debut of SephFF's new t7 map!  Shadow set the bar high, lasting 15 seconds in the third turn, but Helena Revan followed up with an 18-second performance to take the lead!  That was good enough for the win, as Arceus came in third with 8 seconds.



Merc War:

The second event held on the t7 map was the merc war, and the competitors smelled blood in the water, as perennial favourite Redshadow's absence presented a fantastic opportunity for everyone else!  The wide-open map proved to be a sniper's dream, as for once the event didn't come down to rocketry.  The final three competitors were Helena Revan, SephFF, and Shadow—a twelve-time merc champion!  But Shadow was sniped by Helena as he came around a mesa, leaving two mercs to contend for the crown!  After ensconcing herself in a prime position, Helena waited for Seph to come looking for her, and was soon able to take aim and hit the one-winged angel twice to claim this month's merc championship!



Team Free-for-All:

The Red Team: Seph (C) & Wolfy

The Blue Team: Fransuave (C) & Helena Revan


The two teams traded the lead back and forth in the early going, but then red pulled ahead, and prevented all attempts at a comeback by blue, winning by a final score of 41–33.



League 7 February 2021.jpg


All of the events pages, member profiles, and the leader board have been updated!  Congratulations to:


@SephFF, whose win in Staff Heaven gives him twenty-two titles, good enough to move into twenty-fifth place all-time!

@Jazzy, whose three crowns this month give move him into eighth place all-time, with forty-five League wins!


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