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The Sith Game XXIX: Phase 4

Helena Revan

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Helena Revan

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The Sith Game has Returned!


Welcome back to the Sith Game!  If you're new to the Sith Game, curious about the rules, or just need a refresher, check out the spoilers below, and then feel free to sign up by posting a reply to this topic before the game starts.  If you missed the beginning of the game, ask the Game Master if there's an opportunity to join during the game, or just follow along and sign up when the next game is announced!  Don't worry if it takes a couple of days to get a firm grasp of the subject: you'll have plenty of opportunities to figure it out as we go, and other players will be glad to lend a hand.  If you don't see the answers that you need here, feel free to PM me on the forums, or contact me over Discord.  I hope you'll be joining us for our latest journey into adventure, mystery, and danger!


About the Sith Game

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Wait, wait!  What's the Sith Game?

The Sith Game is a forum-based strategy game.  If you've ever played Mafia or The Werewolf Game, you might have an idea how this works.  It's part murder mystery, part role-playing game.  But unlike a traditional role-playing game, you don't need to create a character, acquire weapons and armour, or keep track of statistics.  The character you play is yourself, and the Game Master provides all of the information you need.


So, how does it work?

Every Sith Game begins the same way.  The players are stranded in some remote location (a village in the forest, an abandoned space station, a haunted castle), cut off from the outside world.  Unknown to the rest of the players, a few of them are Sith, bent on destroying the colony by killing off its members one by one.  Opposing them are some Jedi, whose identities are also concealed from the rest of the players.  They can take certain measures to protect the colony, but can't take any offensive action.  All of the players can gather clues and analyze what's happening, in order to try and lynch the murderers before the colony is destroyed!


Each turn, or "phase", is divided into day and night portions.  At night, the Sith can attempt to attack and kill one of the other players.  Usually this results in a body being found the next morning, and perhaps a clue that the other players can discover.  The players then have all day to discuss what they know, or think they know, and if they want they can propose lynching someone they think is guilty.  If enough people vote to lynch someone, that player is "killed" and removed from the game.  Occasionally the Sith will encounter a Jedi, in which case combat will occur.  The Game Master determines the outcome of any combat, as well as any other actions that the players attempt each phase.


With a few exceptions, all game play occurs by posting replies in this thread.  Players can post whatever they think about the situation, and what they propose to do about it.  They can report things they have seen or discovered, but they can also lie or bluff about what they have seen and done.  It's up to the other players whether or not to believe them.  Players are not allowed to discuss an ongoing game privately, on the server, or on Discord.  If players wish to do something in secret, they must send private messages to the Game Master over the forums, explaining what they propose to do.  The Game Master determines what actually happens in each phase, based on what all of the players have posted, and actions taken by the Sith and Jedi teams, and then makes a "phase post", describing what the players see and do in that turn.


How do I sign up?

Just post a reply to this thread before the game begins, which should be in a few days.  The Sith Game is best when at least 20 players sign up and participate.  Just before the game begins, I'll send a PM over the forums to each player, notifying him or her of the role assigned for this game, and asking for confirmation that he or she will accept and play that role.  Once that's done, I'll also send more information to the members of the Sith and Jedi teams, explaining the special rules that apply to them, and how they can work together to destroy or save the other players.  Then the first phase post will explain where the players are, and what they're doing there, setting the stage for them to decide what they want to do next!  If the game's already started, you can follow along, but not post until this game ends.  But don't worry—if there's good participation and people enjoy it, there'll be another game along soon!


Can you give me an example of game play?

Sure.  In the spoiler below, I've written out a generic example of game play.  You can also go through past Sith Games in order to see how it's worked before.  Some games are more complex than others, and every game is different (the earliest games also had slightly different rules).  In this example, I've compressed all of the posts that might occur in a day (real phase posts would contain more information) into one short section.


Phase 11: A shadowy figure crept through the village and entered the house due south of the well.  "You will trouble us no more!" the figure whispered to nobody in particular.  The next morning, the villagers found Lezlo dead on the floor of his house, staring blankly at the ceiling.  Next to him, in the dirt, traced with a finger, was the word "Dark".


*   *   *   *   *


Xanatos: I think DarkJedi killed Lezlo.  Lezlo wrote part of his name before he died, and he matches the description of the man Siaru saw three nights ago.


Chrysophylax: Maybe, but it could still be DarkLord.  I don't trust Siaru's ability to see that well in the dark.


DarkJedi: How do you even know Lezlo wrote it?  I think his killer wrote it in order to frame me!


Falcon: I don't know, I'm convinced.  I vote we lynch Lezlo!


Xanatos: Lezlo's already dead.  You mean DarkJedi.


Falcon: Right, lynch DarkJedi!


Xanatos: Lynch DarkJedi.


DarkJedi: I vote we don't lynch me.


DarkLord: Don't look at me!


Crysophylax: I'm going to go look at the writing again, and see if I can figure out who made it.


Bandeth: I'll join you.  I'm not ready to vote yet.


*   *   *   *   *


Phase 12: The villagers didn't have the votes to lynch DarkJedi, but more than one gave him a hard stare that day.  Crysophylax examined the writing, and found drops of blood mixed in with the sandy earth.  There had been blood on Lezlo's finger as well.


That night, the door of a house burst open, and a tall, hooded figure strode inside.  Igniting a scarlet lightsaber, he scanned the dwelling for signs of an occupant.  Curses!  Where was he?! 



I'd like to ask a couple more questions before I decide whether to sign up.  Can you tell me more?

Sure, ask away.  If your question isn't answered in one of the sections below, feel free to post questions in this topic until the game begins, or catch me on the server or Discord.  Don't worry, the game isn't hard to pick up as you go!  You can read a more complete description of the rules here.  I'll also post reminders in this topic before the game begins.  This post will also serve as the game status page, with a complete list of players, identifying who's still alive, which players have died, and in what phase.  May the Force be with you!


Frequently-Asked Questions:


How active do I need to be?

Ideally, you should check the game topic at least once a day, in order to find out what's happening in the game, make any moves you want, and weigh in on any important decisions.  But real life can intervene and keep you away from the game for a while.  If it's just a day or two, don't worry about it.  Just make sure you're still alive and with the other players before you post again!  If you're going to be away for a longer period, let the Game Master know.  The Game Master will keep track of what happens to you, just as if you were still in the game.


If for some reason you don't think you'll be able to return to the game, please talk to the Game Master before leaving.  A player leaving the game abruptly can alter the balance of the game in favour of one of the teams.  The Game Master can treat the player as a non-player character, until there's a good opportunity to write the player out of the game, and without providing an unfair advantage to one of the teams.


How long does the game last?

The Sith Game usually takes between two and three weeks when the players are active, but sometimes it runs longer.  The skill and ingenuity of the players is the biggest factor: a skilled Sith team can accomplish its mission in two weeks, with a little luck.  But the more kills they rack up, the more clues are left for the other players to identify them.  A skilled Jedi team can also check the alignments of the rest of the village in two to three weeks, although convincing the other villagers of someone's guilt can be harder, since they won't know whether to trust the players claiming to be Jedi.  Sometimes there are subplots that have to be resolved before the game can end, and that usually requires puzzle-solving skills.


How are the roles assigned?  Can I request a particular role?

The Game Master usually assigns most of the roles randomly before the game begins, but in order to avoid one of the teams having a big advantage over the others, the Game Master will often assign at least one or two players who have experience playing on one of the teams.  The Game Master will try to prevent players from monopolizing a role, or getting stuck in one, for several consecutive games.


There are a limited number of Sith and Jedi roles in each game, but the Game Master will try to accommodate requests if possible.  To request a role, send the Game Master a private message before sign-ups are complete.  If you receive a role you don't want to play, the Game Master can usually assign you to another role.  Don't give up if you don't get the role you requested—if someone else drops out of a role, you just might be asked to fill in—and if not, you might get the role you want in the next game!


Why can't I communicate with other players outside of this thread?

Every conversation that occurs in The Sith Game has the potential to change what happens in the game.  Someone might overhear your conversation, or see you talking to someone else.  You might not be able to find another player you want to talk to if that player is busy doing something in another place.  The Game Master has to determine whether players are able to communicate with each other at any point in time, and should know what's being discussed in order to determine what happens.


Back-and-forth conversations can create a lot of work for the Game Master, so generally the Game Master will handle the interaction between the players to slow down the action, and place realistic boundaries on what information can be exchanged, as well as on any circumstances of the conversation—what each player sees, hears, or potentially suspects about the other—things that may not be possible in a group conversation where each player knows everything that the others see and hear.  Time is also a factor: in a private conversation, the players could keep talking continuously for days on end, irrespective of what's happening in the game.  That wouldn't be possible in reality, so it isn't allowed in The Sith Game.


For practical reasons, the Sith and Jedi teams are allowed to discuss their team moves privately, but the Game Master will usually allow other players to do so only when there is no better alternative.  Players are not allowed to set up their own private conversations, even if they include the Game Master.  If you want to talk to another player without the rest of the village knowing, send the Game Master a PM asking to do so, and say what it is you want to discuss.  Most conversations will consist of private messages sent between the Game Master and the players involved.  Exceptions are possible when a group of players is together, away from the village, but even then they must be set up by the Game Master.


I'm just a villager.  Can I do anything other than sitting around waiting to be killed?

Yes!  Villagers—or whatever they're called in a particular game—aren't just cannon fodder!  Most of the clues left behind in The Sith Game are aimed at the villagers, as are most side quests or special items.  If the villagers aren't engaged, then nothing the Jedi do will save them.  The villagers can win the game by themselves, even if the Jedi aren't much help, or if they're all eliminated.  Villagers can search for clues, explore their environs, and devise various ways to increase their chances of evading a Sith attack, or uncover the identities of the murderers!


Villagers should be creative, and if something they think up doesn't work—or can't work because of some limitation in the game, such as the unavailability of certain equipment, or the lack of specialized knowledge required to do something—the Game Master will let them know.  And while most game play occurs by posting in the game topic, villagers are free to ask the Game Master in private to let them try something else, out of sight of the other players.  Just remember to use the forums' messaging system, so that the Game Master has a record of what was requested, and any replies.


Can you please explain the clues?

Generally at least one clue is left each time the Sith kill somebody.  Sometimes the clue is in the "phase post", describing how the attack takes place.  Other times it's something found on or near the victim's body.  Sometimes clues are found elsewhere—but there may be clues about where to look for clues!  Occasionally there are multiple small clues, particularly when they're not very helpful individually, and you have to add them together to form an idea of who might be responsible.  Clues that simply name one of the Sith are rare—it'd be pretty hard for the Sith to win if they were easy to identify!


Some clues will be drawn by the Game Master, and can be physically shown to the players.  Others will merely be described.  But remember, players can lie about what they see and find, and that includes making false clues that might look just as authentic as something produced by the Game Master.  Many clues will be ambiguous, and could point to more than one person, while the Sith occasionally try to throw people off the track—even though their usual method is to taunt the villagers by leaving useful clues that are hard to interpret.  Bear in mind that, just as in real life, not everything you observe will be useful.  People have stuff that doesn't tell you anything about who killed them, or what kind of person they were.  People other than murderers leave tracks and behave suspiciously.


If the players work together to figure out the meanings of the clues and solve various puzzles, they usually do better than if they go silent while each player tries to work out the answers alone.  Note that clues are frequently cumulative: their meaning may only become apparent after additional evidence has been found.  For instance, a note might be torn into three pieces, which could be found at different times.  Some clues might be hints about how to solve particularly difficult puzzles that have already been found.  Don't forget about clues from previous phases—If you haven't worked out their significance, you might figure it out later!


Why am I having trouble finding clues?

While some clues are revealed to everyone in a phase post, others are found only by one or more of the players who happen to look in the right place.  Sometimes clues are found in obvious places, like at the scene of a crime, while others could be hidden in unexpected locations.  Clues may be distributed randomly, given to the first person to search a particular place, or intentionally left for a particular player to find.  Then it's up to the player who finds it whether to reveal the clue to the rest of the village.  Sometimes a clue is found or obliterated by someone else, and isn't there anymore when you go looking for it.


If you're not finding clues, it might be that you're looking in the wrong place, or not looking for the right kind of thing.  The more specific the kind of search you make, the more likely you are to find something, although the meaning could still be ambiguous.  Simply asking to "search for clues" doesn't usually produce any results, but "search for tracks near the victim's door" or "look for signs of forced entry" or "search the victim's belongings" might produce something.  What works in some situations may not work in others—muddy footprints are more likely after it rains!  And remember, no matter where you look, you're bound to find something—but not everything you see or hear will be a clue!


I don't think something that happened was fair.  Can you explain why, and can you do anything about it?

Yes!  Usually there's a reason for everything that happens in The Sith Game, although the reason may not be revealed to the players.  Sometimes these things may seem unfair because of what other players are doing behind the scenes, or plot elements that the players haven't learned about.  If a player tries to do something and fails repeatedly, it might be because the player hasn't thought of something important that has to be done before the proposed action will succeed.  The Game Master usually can't tell a player how to do something, but occasionally hints will be dispensed in order to help the game along.


Players may receive extra help or second chances if they've worked hard to help their team, or proven to be good at finding and figuring out clues.  But sometimes good players get picked off by the Sith—or other game hazards—when they least expect it.  Normally there's nothing to be done about this; it's just part of the game.  But if you really think that something that happened was unfair, talk to the Game Master.  There might be something the Game Master can do to mitigate the situation, or make up for a big disappointment.  It won't usually go as far as raising someone from the dead—although that has been possible in a couple of games—but you'll never know if you don't ask!


If something happens that threatens to bring the game to a premature end, by giving one side an almost insurmountable advantage, the Game Master may intervene to rebalance the game.  This is allowed, and could involve any number of things, like new evidence, someone surviving apparently fatal wounds, escaping apparent death, acquiring unexpected powers or equipment, someone else's powers failing, or something that's never happened before.  This kind of intervention may occur if one team has surprisingly bad luck, or is simply overwhelmed by challenges they don't know how to deal with.


Other times, the players are simply taking advantage of a plot element that was always available in the game, if players figured out that it was there, and how to use it.  If well written, the players won't know whether an unexpected plot twist is the result of a Game Master intervention, or was planned from the beginning!  Sometimes the Game Master will be able to explain why something occurred, but only if it doesn't threaten to reveal important plot elements or expose the identities of the players.  If you talk to the Game Master, you might learn at least part of the reason for something, but sometimes you just have to trust the Game Master to have a good reason that can only be explained once the game is over.  Be patient, and all will be revealed in the end!




Very Important Rules:


1. Except as otherwise provided, all actions and discussion must occur by posting in this topic.  Do not discuss the game elsewhere on the forums, on the server, or on Discord, while it is in progress.  Unless you are on the Sith or Jedi teams, you may not communicate with other players outside of this thread except through the Game Master.


2. You may only participate while you are alive.  Once you are dead, you must wait until the game is over to discuss anything that occurs.  If you have a question, please ask the Game Master privately.  The Game Master can communicate with all players, including the dead.  Spooky!


3. For purposes of this game, you are all humans or humanoids with no special abilities or equipment.  You are not made of metal, you cannot regenerate, pull a sonic screwdriver out of your pocket, or just happen to know all that you need to know in order to perform some unusual task.  If in doubt as to whether something lies within your abilities, or whether a particular tool or object is available, please ask the Game Master privately.


4. When describing what you intend to do, remember that the actions of other players or events may interrupt you or prevent you from doing so.  Do not assume that you have done something that the Game Master has not stated in a phase post or via private message.


5. Anyone can claim to have seen or done anything.  Players are not required to be truthful.  Whether to believe them is up to you.


6. You are free to share anything that you have seen or done in the course of the game, but you may not rely on the Game Master to support anything that you share.  For instance, you may say, "I went to the temple and saw a huge ruby in the eye of a stone dragon", but you may not say, "the Game Master told me that I went to the temple and saw a huge ruby . . ." or anything else that implies that you should be believed because you are repeating what the Game Master told you.  See Rule #5.



Game Status: In Progress!



Player List:

0. Helena Revan (Game Master)

1.  Bandeth/Kulimar

2. Redshadow

3. Niko/Nikatina

4. Aya Solari/Maya

5. Arceus

6. Jacobie

7. The Doctor

8. Dragon

9. Shinigami

10. Cloud9

11. Darman

12. Vergil

13. Crysophylax died, day 1

14. RoseTyler

15. Vultax killed, night 2

16. Xel

17. Wolfy



Still Alive: 15/17


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Added a new "Frequently Asked Questions" section in the topic above, and reworded/moved some of the other text.  Let me know if there's something I didn't cover that you'd like to know more about!



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