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Joker departs


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sorry it was fun im just feeling a bunch of things right now that I need to sort out wanna feel a lil freer not that jawa was constricting in anyway I just need time u all are amazing ppl and me leaving has little to do with the ppll in the clan or the clan itself ❤️ sorry to disappoint or anger anyone

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Helena Revan

Are you sure you wouldn't rather just take an LOA?  I know you've put a lot of work into self-improvement as part of the clan, and we'd hate to lose you.  Whatever you decide, we're there for you!



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You introduced and invited me into the clan, and I thank you for that. I (and I'm sure everybody else) will miss you. Hopefully you get things sorted out. Love you, buddy!

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Take care of yourself man. You were one of the first people I've met. Thank you for letting me the opportunity to have met you and talked to! You're always welcome here, as everybody thinks. See you soon, Joker. :D

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