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Hey Everyone!


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Hey guys! Good to see some old faces and new on here. Seems the clan is still thriving which is awesome. Just figured I'd pop in and say hello!


Also when does everyone usually get on ye old server?? I'm US Central time and am not sure when every one is usually on. It'd be awesome to reconnect with everyone.

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Activity is kinda sporadic for us folks in the North America, but usually if you join and wait a few people will join up. Also if you are on the Discord, asking to see who can play also usually gets some folks to jump on. 😀

Oh and Hello! Not sure if we have met before, but I'm always happy to see new and old faces coming around. ☺️

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im fairly active...i can say....soooo activity is kinda random


for EST time


0800-1000 is dead...very random. I have seen a few people on....morning ppl like me will jump on and wait for a while for others to show up. 30% chance of ppl jumping on


1100-1300 activity picks up more. again random but higher chance. 50-60% chance


1300 to 1600 are when we do a lot of the events in JAWA. 80% chance of people getting on


As for 1700 to later is when I am the least active. so what I know about them times are not as accurate. but it does get busy then too.


1700 is around about when the wife gets home so I try to dedicate time to chillen and playing games with her. happy wife=happy life. Tho I do have days where ill play when she is home.


im very random based on what jobs I gatta do or own personal projects.


So best bet is to just jump on and kill bots for a bit, hit up the discord and call people to play....or wait till events start and join in then.



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