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A very old JAWA Vet checking in - Mario

Philly Phil

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Philly Phil

Howdy all,


I have no idea why my Profile Name is "Philly Phil" and not "Mario", but I'd have to ask a much younger me about that (EDIT: seems I used a different email that's long gone). I was looking at the member list and realized that I don't know any of you, and I think that's really cool! I used to be part of this clan...over a decade ago, and I went by the name "Mario". For everyone here who doesn't know me, I seem to still have a wiki page:


I'm glad to see this place is still alive and going, I'm honestly blown away because I played this 15 years ago. Looking through the member list, I suppose one of the only people I do actually know is Helena Revan at this point. Just figured I'd stop in and say hello!

Feel free to ask me anything, I'd love to meet all of you :). I'll try to hop in the server at some point soon, and see just how much rust I can have after not playing for years.

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Hello there!
It's great to meet you, it seems you left just before I joined so I never got the pleasure of meeting you beforehand!

Hope you've been keeping well over the years. Hopefully see you on the server sometime!

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Hello and welcome back! Glad you decided to check in. Hope you decide to stick around and join us for some events on the server!

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Sup Mario, it's Sniper/Bowser here from back in the day, dunno if you'll remember me though I was a dumb kid back then (not a kid anymore now but still pretty dumb).  Nice to hear from you, hope everything's going well!

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I remember you being around and then disappearing when I first joined. Glad you're alive and kicking!

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Philly Phil

Nice to meet all of you, and Bowser I do remember you :) (and yes, I'm also super old now so I totally understand ;_;)

I just joined the Discord as "Bell", looking forward to talking with you all there as well :)

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Hello mario, i remember your name, think i played with you, Kirby and some others. Tho i dont think youll remember me 

Anyway, its good to see old school members checking in!



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the artist formerly known as Jasp here, you might remember me, i sure as hell remember you.. and that's including, but not limited to, the fun we had with eachother's elite trials back in the day :)


nice to see ya again dude, how are ya

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