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Unban Request -


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Jedi Academy name during the incident:Bubbles

Reason(s) for being banned from The (JAWA) server: Laming mainly

What was the date?: Dec 2020

Which admin(s) were involved?: SephFF

Please explain in your own words what happened:
This was covered in the last thread made on this forum. I got told to post here after 3 months.

Other comments:
I think I should be made an honorary JAWA due to my long patronage on your fine server. Now, I'm not asking for admin entiltment as well. But, if offered I'd graciously take it. But I guess that is all for another day, I would very much like to be unbanned at the moment.


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Sorry for the long wait on a response. The council wanted to make sure we got everyone’s thoughts on the matter. We have decided that your ban will not be lifted at this time. Your long history of being banned repeatedly seems to have no effect on you or the actions you take. In the past week, knowing that you are banned, you came on to the server 5 times. This alone is a form of breaking the rules. You also have written your unban request in an unserious manner. How do you expect us to think that unbanning you now would mean that you would no longer break our server rules? You think that this is all joke to you, a waste of time, on a dying game. You also make a point to claim people are known admin abusers or insult current members in the clan. To add on to all of this, it was not that long ago you stolen and admitted to stealing the {Gods} admin password and banned everyone. Your last unban request was even worst, where you blamed everyone but yourself on the actions you have taken. You have been on and off doing the same thing since this games release till now. So about 17 years’ worth of breaking rules or attacking players in a negative manner. This is just some of the reasons the ban stays, I could keep going with this, but I don’t feel like writing a novel.


This game is getting old, but there are many people who play this game who truly love it. Maybe if you found ways to start supporting this community and adding life to it and not pushing it away, we would want to unban you. The thing is… I think you are fully capable of doing this. I have spoken to you a few times and honestly, when you want to be, you’re not that bad of a person. You also keep coming back to this game over 17 years since something about it brings you back. Again, I ask, make your actions speak louder than words and try to build the community up, not down.


You may request another unban request in three months. We ask that you avoid using a VPN to enter our server again. I would also suggest that you take requesting the removal of your ban more seriously. Considering just how long of a history you have getting banned, not just from our servers but many others Jedi Academy servers as well.





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