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Member(s) Of The Month(s)!


February 2021






On the 28th of February during the JAWA league, @Xel was named Member of the Month!

Despite still being a fairly new member, Xel has made a huge impression on the council and all other members of the clan, for not just their great activity on the server, but also their positive and friendly attitude when interacting with members both in game and on discord.

Apologies for the lateness of this post forum-wise!


thankyou5.pngMEMBERS PAGE | Xel'S PROFILEthankyou5.png




March 2021


Niko 1a.jpg




An exemplar of how we expect all our members to behave, @nikmat936Niko/Nikon/Knee-co/Camera (the list goes on 🤣) is our member of the month for March!

With a friendly presence where ever you find him, here, discord or the server. It's Niko's recent work in the Admin corps that swung our decision to highlight Niko this month! The professionalism and care you demonstrate on our server is outstanding, here's to many more months with you in the team!


thankyou5.pngMEMBERS PAGE NIKO'S PROFILEthankyou5.png






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