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RESULTS Game Night, 7 April 2021

Helena Revan

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Helena Revan

For this week's Game Night, Seph had an idea for a new event, which we tried out!


        The Rules:

  • The server was set to Taspir Duel (mp/duel5), so that the main landing pad was in the center of a lava-filled caldera.
  • The Saber Velocity Damage scale was set to 10, resulting in a huge level of knockback when hit by someone's lightsaber.
  • The grappling hook and jetpack were not allowed.
  • At the beginning of each round, the players would FFA, attempting to golf each other over the wall and into the lava.
  • Players killed by lava were required to spectate.  Other players could respawn if killed, and return to the FFA.
  • The winner was the last player left alive—or the player with the highest score, if the time reached 10:00.


We played seven rounds, only one of which reached 10:00.  An interesting and unanticipated aspect of the game was the ability of players to land safely around the edges of the lava, then having to find their way back up to the landing pad without falling into the lava.  Some players were more successful at this than others!


These were the winners:


Round 1: Helena Revan

Round 2: Boba666Fett

Round 3: Helena Revan

Round 4: Darth Lekku

Round 5: SephFF

Round 6: Helena Revan

Round 7: ASIMO


There was some disagreement as to what to call the event—I liked "(JAWA) Lava Golf LMS", and SephFF came up with "Hawt (JAWA) Home Run" (I think), which seemed to be more popular...


When we called an end to the event—since it required most of the players to spectate for much of each round—I decided to host Microgravity Melee Madness for a second event.  I thought about doing this in LMS rounds as well, but I decided against keeping score as the players had already spent a lot of time spectating, so we did it as a regular FFA.


        The Rules:

  • The map was set to Taspir (mp/ffa5).
  • Gravity was set to 100 (the default setting is 800).
  • Players were required to fight using melee only.
  • The grappling hook and jetpack were left off.


Other maps could have worked, but Taspir has enough room and plenty of chances to land safely.  Plus it offered a (slight) change of scenery from the previous event.  We could have done it in rounds or kept score, but as I said, I didn't want to make players spend a lot of time spectating for the second event, and a lot of people were a bit tired.  So we did it informally, and didn't keep score.



Thanks to @SephFF for the great idea for the first event, and for helping to set gravity for the second one!  And congratulations to all of the winners!

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12 hours ago, Helena Revan said:

SephFF came up with "Hawt (JAWA) Home Run" (I think), which seemed to be more popular...





Credit goes to @Dragon

Was a really fun event! I found spectating to be just as fun! watching people trying to make their way back and how intense some of the fights got were pretty amazing.


Thank you for hosting it! did an amazing job!

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