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Make Iron Change his Post Count / Take 2


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Alright... I've had just about enough of this heinous defamation.... You want a response? HERE IT IS PUNK!!!!


You may say I don't have the best skin sounds, you may say I like Diet Root Beer more than the magnificence that is Mountain Dew. Hell... you may even compare me to Lester Crest...


But don't you DARE do the unthinkable and question my undying, unhealthy and dare I say... borderline psychotic loyalty to the supreme goodness that IS Taco Bell!!!!!!!!!!


How VERY dare you... You have offended me to the very core of my soul...


No post count is worth not responding to such a horrible act!!!!





Just as a funny side note here, I had Taco Bell for both breakfast and dinner today. LMAO!!!!!!!!!


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