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RESULTS JAWA League Results, 25 April 2021!

Helena Revan

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Helena Revan


The (JAWA) League for April, 2021 was held this afternoon on the (JAWA) Server.  Twenty-one members participated in both the Duel Tournament, a new champion was crowned, there were surprise winners in the Darts, Sniper, and Merc events, and four events featured first-time winners!  Congratulations to all of this month's winners, and thanks to LoneStar, SephFF, and Wolfy for helping to host this month's (JAWA) League!



Events and Winners:

Green = first time winner!


The Duel Tournament:


Qualifying Round Results:

Zeus defeated Salvation

Jazzy defeated Helena Revan

Cassidy defeated Fransuave

Phobo defeated IronSkull86

Graboids defeated LoneStar


Round 1 Results:

Starty defeated Arceus

Redshadow defeated Ken Solo

Crysophylax defeated Dragon

Darman defeated Zeus

Jazzy defeated Wolfy

Cassidy defeated SephFF

Acés defeated Skeetshooter

Phobo defeated Graboids


Round 2 Results:

Redshadow defeated Starty

Crysophylax defeated Darman

Jazzy defeated Cassidy

Phobo defeated Acés


Semifinal Round Results:

Crysophylax defeated Redshadow

Jazzy defeated Phobo


Final Match:

Jazzy defeated Crysophylax to win this month's Duel Tournament!



The (JAWA) Championship:

As Sami was unavailable to defend her title, the championship passed to Jazzy, as winner of the Duel Tournament!



FFA Events:


Singles Heaven: Redshadow

Dual Heaven: Crysophylax

Staff Heaven: SephFF

Melee Heaven: Redshadow

Freestyle Lightsaber Event: Cassidy



The Tag-Team Tournament:


Qualifying Match:

SephFF & Skeetshooter defeated Niko & Zeus


First Round:

Wolfy & Redshadow defeated Darman & Cassidy

Acés & Fransuave defeated Dragon & IronSkull86

Helena Revan & Graboids defeated LoneStar & Phobo

Seph & Skeetshooter defeated Crysophylax & Arceus


Second Round:

Acés & Fransuave defeated Wolfy & Redshadow

Helena & Graboids defeated Seph & Skeetshooter


Final Match:

Acés & Fransuave defeated Helena & Graboids to win the Tag-Team Tournament!



(JAWA) Darts:

Thirteen competitors took their turns on Board 3, with a throwing platform that revolves around the board.  Scores moves steadily upward, with Redshadow's two bullseyes giving him an early lead at 840 points, only to be passed by a whisker by Helena Revan, who scored 850, also with the aid of two bullseyes.  That score held up until Cassidy passed both of them with a score if 1,300 points in the next to last round; Dragon made a late run, but fell short with 870 points to finish in second place.



Watch Out for that Sniper!

Fourteen participants made this a memorable event, as scores were nearly grouped in the early going, with Darman leading off by surviving for ten seconds, tied by Aya Solari in turn 5, and Seph the turn after that!  But in the ninth turn, Graboids stole the show with an outstanding nineteen seconds, which proved the score of the match, just outdistancing the Doctor, who turned in a jittery eighteen in the very last turn to finish in second.



Merc War:

While Cassidy, Dragon, and Redshadow each pursued their own strategies, the rest of the field was whittled down to the Doctor, IronSkull86, and LoneStar, who camped out in the unfinished level of building 1 to wait out the scarlet avenger.  After failing to dislodge his unwanted guests, Redshadow went on the hunt, and slew Dragon in his lair.  Then the dauntless trio made their way cautiously from their redoubt, tracking the deadly Redshadow from building to building.  With a coördinated attack on building 2, they breached Dragon's remaining defenses, and came at their prey from multiple sides, overwhelming him and removing the only obstacle to their victory.  With time remaining on the clock, and the Doctor with a thin 1–0 lead, IronSkull decided to seize the moment and turn on his erstwhile ally, blowing him away and claiming his very first merc war victory as time expired!



Team Free-for-All:

The Blue Team: Wolfy (C), Redshadow, Dragon, SephFF, Darman, & Arceus

The Red Team: LoneStar (C), the Doctor, IronSkull86, Cassidy, Helena Revan, & Graboids


The early fighting was neck-and-neck, but the blue team eventually built a lead, and expanded it throughout the battle, winning by a final and decisive margin of 120–82!



League 25 April 2021.jpg


The event pages, leader board, and everyone's WikiJawa profiles have been updated.  Congratulations to:


@Graboids, on his very first League win!


@SephFF, whose win in Staff Heaven move him into sole possession of twenty-first place all-time, with twenty-six titles to his name!


@Crysophylax, who takes sole possession of ninth place all-time with his forty-fifth League victory!


@Jazzy, who moves into seventh place all-time with forty-eight League crowns, after winning the Duel Tournament and reclaiming the (JAWA) Championship!

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