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Hey guys!

I'll be away on holiday with my parents and sister from the 30th April - 8th May. The signal in Wales is shocking so I'll probably not be able to check in all that much, plus it's my dad's 50th on the 5th and my mum's birthday on the 6th so I'll be busy most of the time as is.
I will try to catch up as and when I can (probably in the evenings when I'm getting ready for bed).

Don't miss me too much!:P:rose:

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1 hour ago, LoneStar said:

Categorically denied!


Indeed. I find this away post shallow and pedantic.

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On 4/28/2021 at 3:01 AM, Darman said:

Miss you already Rose. 😭

Darman stealing my thoughts ☝️😭
Have fun, Rose!

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