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SHOWCASE Photons and Reflection


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I don't always need Photoshop to manipulate the real world.

This first image is misleading. Last night it was very rainy, but because of how long I exposed this shot, there's nearly no sign of the raindrops in the air or hitting the water.




In this photo I sped my exposure up to see the rain in the background and just let the raindrops build up on my lens to create some neat lighting effects. I love the way the purple light looks on this bridge, but the color changes every few minutes so I have to wait for the right time depending on the color I want to capture.



I was hoping to get more reflection shots using puddles, but unfortunately I couldn't find too many in the right places, or the rain was too heavy to smooth out the ripples. I did manage to get this little gem, between shooting locations.




This was the final shot of the night. I passed by this spot earlier in the night and really liked the way the light was reflecting off the pier below. Though I have to admit, it did look better in person, I do like how this came out. Especially considering the amount of rain that was coming down. It's honestly a miracle I didn't fry my camera.




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