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Question regarding dmgs


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Hey, a question out of curiosity.


What are the major differences between JA+ MP/SP dmgs and that of base JA?


I know obviously parries and blocks are vastly different, but I wasn’t sure if there was anything else I was missing.





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My understanding is that SP and MP damages were designed to emulate the different damage systems available in single-player and multi-player JKO and JKA, but each has some enhancements.


MP damages, which is what we use on our server, are intended to balance the different saber types, as well as the different stances, so that players can be successful with each of them, and to keep players of different skill levels—beginner to expert—closer together, so that they all have a chance.  MP damages provide a beefy—but adjustable—level of blocking with lightsaber defense (a base skill), and a standard range of damages for the fast and medium stances (7 or 28 for fast, 45 for medium; both allow "scratches"), while leaving strong stance more variable (server FPS seems to affect these; they're higher on servers with a higher FPS, apparently).


SP damages are intended to allow players to gain the maximum advantage due to skill or expertise.  They're location and velocity-based, meaning that the faster the saber is moving, and the longer it's located within the target, the more damage it does.  This is why more experienced players are routinely able to get one-hit kills with most sabers or stances, while newer players struggle with all of them.  It's also why poking, wiggling, and yawing are so prominent in SP: they can be used to do a lot more damage than in MP.  Blocking still exists, but it depends largely on saber type and stance (stronger ones block weaker ones more effectively), and instead of relying on lightsaber defense, where you block mostly by holding your saber between yourself and the incoming attack, in SP you typically attack in order to block—the opposite of MP.


Base damages are unmodified from Multiplayer JKA's settings.  The damages are more uneven, like SP, but don't have the same location and velocity-based damage that JA+ SP allows, so poking, wiggling, and yawing aren't as big a part of the game.  Blocking is a bit more robust than in JA+ SP, but still harder than JA+ MP.  Base damages aren't exactly in the middle; they're more like SP damages, in that more experienced players have a much bigger advantage over newer ones than they do in MP, but some of the ways that SP increases that disparity aren't there.


There are players who've studied this much more than I have, so their answers may differ from mine, but that's what I think I've learned from practicing with all three types.  I prefer MP damages, because I think the game is better when players of different skill levels are able to compete, plus I like blocking and damages to be more predictable and less vulnerable to exploits.  But other players prefer to emphasize the difference in skill levels.  There's no absolute right or wrong: what you prefer is a matter of opinion.



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