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CONTEST Mobile Wallpaper Contest V2


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Create a phone wallpaper
Closing date for submissions: 7th June 2021

Voting Stage will last from 14th June 2021 to 21st June 2021
*Credit to Shinigami for creating this contest back in 2017*


Submission Stage Rules:

Participating rules:

  • Anyone can submit, all entries are to be submitted via PM to RoseTyler to keep the submissions anonymous. 
  • Screenshots are allowed JUST be creative. Don't leave them unedited!
  • Wallpaper resolutions should be 1920(height) x 1080(width). Make sure you do stick to the size limit. Height and width. Entries with more or less pixels than the size limit won't be put up for the vote!
  • Do not use work that has been taken from another Author.
  • No Nudity.
  • No offensive remarks.

Breaking any of these rules can, and will, lead to disqualification from the competition.  
Participants can also write about their submitted wallpaper. To do so, please write it underneath a title, Creator's Note. It will then be pasted under your submission in the voting stage. If you have any questions feel free to ask me via PM through the forum or discord.

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Our first entry is in! :D
Looking forward to seeing what others can come up with too!

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