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Removal Application - Outlander


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Outlander was removed for the below meme where I edited his KR application with my own stuff in italics. :)



In-Game Name:
Real Name (Optional):
Email Address:
This is required?
Previously used names:
"Countless" e.g. Outlander
Saber type/style (Dual/Staff/Single):
KR Members you know or have spoken to:
"Almost everybody in the clan."
Which KR member invited you?:
"MysticalPotato back in the day."
How did you find out about KR?:
"Server list i asume, cant really remember."
How long have you visited the KR server?:
"Years by now."
Former JA Clans:
Huh, i think i should need to add a small quote for new members, Apologies for the image you are going to take of me " viewtopic.php?f=50&t=12047&p=139365&hilit=Mick#p139365 "
Write around 100 words on why you wish to join KR:
First of, i would like to introduce myself to those of you who dont know me yet. I have been hanging around this game for countless years, i would dare to say i've grown with this game, i have known very, very good people with wich i continue to make contact. I had another mentality back then, as IRL as in-game, well, it goes hand in hand really. I joined KR back in 2015, if memory does not fail me. Unfortunatelly and without having to, i commited the mistake of betraying the clan, by " multiclanning " with a large list of clans that i am not going to name now. I even tried to make an Application by the name of Keyderm, which was, evidently, withdrawn. One month later,I made an apology letter, and right after, i left this game. It has been 4 years, i have considered re-applying numerous times, but i dont think i deserved a place in this clan. The reason i am applying is basically because of the good memories this game has brought me, and i really liked hanging around with the members of the clan. I am very sorry for those who had me in high stigma back then. That is my story as far as my memory goes, i would understand the withdrawall of this application since i am not sure if i am even using the right template. Either way, in summary, I would like a chance to prove that i have really changed.
One word that describes you:


I'm petty now. Being petty is cool.




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