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Denied Application: Goddam EvoK


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:wrinkley i am: About Me
Jedi Academy name: EvoK
Previous names: -
Discord name: EvoK#1956
Country: U.S

:sand: My Jedi Academy Experience
Length of time playing Jedi Academy/Outcast 1 week since comeback 
Previous clans, schools, or teams: JAWA CLAN 
Reasons for leaving previous clans: Got kicked for laming :\
Websites of previous clans: -_-
Are you an active member of a Jedi Academy school, training program, or TFFA team? The greatest one 

:JAWA: (JAWA) Related 
Reasons for applying: bit** greatest/active player you ever seen !
Have you read and do you agree to follow our rules? sure!
Length of time playing on our server: More than the average player , less then Helena 😘

:r2: Other Comments

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Hey EvoK!!

Thank you : )

Thank you for applying for membership in the (JAWA) Clan. We'll discuss your application, and get back to you when we have a decision. Please be patient, as this will take two weeks. You can improve your chances of being accepted by:

  • Being active on both the server and the forums.
  • Getting to know other members of the clan.
  • Showing that you have read and understand the rules.
  • Not changing your name during the application process.
  • Notify the council of any change in circumstance during your application.
  • Changing your name to  (JAWA-T)YourName, so that members can recognize you as an Trialist. If you have any questions, please ask any member of the (JAWA) Council.

Your trial will end on the 17th of July. During this period you will be watched to see whether you can follow our rules, and your overall attitude will be observed. If you break any rules, you will fail your trial. Please remain active both on the server and the forums.




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Hi Evok,


We have made the decision to deny your application this time round. This is primarily due to lack of activity on the server, as such, not enough of our members were able to meet you and form an opinion or vote on your poll.


You would be more than welcome to apply again in another 3 months, if you feel like you could improve your activity enough so that the members could meet and vote on your application.


Any further questions, please don't hesitate to message any of the council members,


Kind regards,


LoneStar 🦁

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