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RESULTS JAWA League Results, 27 June 2021

Helena Revan

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Helena Revan


The (JAWA) League for June, 2021 was on Sunday the 27th on the (JAWA) Server.  Fifteen members participated in the Duel Tournament, Redshadow won five events, and three events featured first-time winners!  Congratulations to all of this month's winners, and thanks to Crysophylax, LoneStar, and Wolfy for helping to host this month's (JAWA) League!



Events and Winners:

Green = first time winner!


The Duel Tournament:


Round 1 Results:

LoneStar defeated Niko

DeadRat defeated Crysophylax

Shadow defeated Salvation

Redshadow defeated Helena Revan

Wolfy defeated Simba

IronSkull86 defeated Sovereign

Fransuave defeated Sherwood

Cassidy received a first-round bye.


Round 2 Results:

LoneStar defeated DeadRat

Shadow defeated Redshadow

Wolfy defeated Cassidy

Fransuave defeated IronSkull


Semifinal Round Results:

Shadow defeated LoneStar

Fransuave defeated Wolfy


Final Match:

Fransuave defeated Shadow to win this month's Duel Tournament!



The (JAWA) Championship:

Starty, the defending champion, began with a win in round 1, with 65 hit points remaining, but the challenger, Fransuave, stormed back to take round 2 with 124 hit points to his credit!  Things looked good for Fran as round 3 began, but Starty was out to prove he could still handle the best—and he did, taking the third round with 131 hit points to spare, keeping the crown for another month!



FFA Events:


Singles Heaven: Redshadow

Dual Heaven: Wolfy

Staff Heaven: Cassidy

Melee Heaven: Redshadow

Freestyle Lightsaber Event: Cassidy



The Tag-Team Tournament:


First Round:

Helena Revan & LoneStar defeated Redshadow & Salvation

IronSkull86 & Cassidy defeated Sovereign & Sherwood

Wolfy & DeadRat and Vergil & Fransuave received first-round byes.


Second Round:

Helena & LoneStar defeated Wolfy & DeadRat

Vergil & Fransuave deafeated IronSkull & Cassidy


Final Match:

Helena & LoneStar defeated Vergil and Fransuave to win the Tag-Team Tournament!



(JAWA) Darts:

Twelve competitors took their turn on Board 2 this month, as we played a "climb the ladder" game, each throw coming from a higher angle than the one before.  Salvation took the early lead with 1,130 points, fending off a challenge by LoneStar, who fell just short at 1,010.  But the score of the day went to Redshadow, who threw for 1,160 points to win by 30!



Watch Out for that Sniper!

Ten snipers took aim at their fellow contestants this month, and most of the scores were quite low, attesting to their deadly aim!  But there were two exceptions: Fransuave managed to evade disintegration for an outstanding 22 seconds, and seemed to be cruising to victory, until at the very end Redshadow spoiled his blue counterpart's plans by lasting 25 seconds, good enough for the win!  Shadow came in third with 9.



Merc War:

The writing was on the wall, as nothing could stop the scarlet marauder this afternoon.  After taking out DeadRat, Redshadow hunted down Helena and defeated her in a brief scuffle, then challenged Dragon to a melee fight to decide the outcome.  Never one to turn down a brawl above a lava lake, Dragon accepted, only to find himself in the unusual position of being hurled to his doom, giving Redshadow his fifth win of the League!




Team Free-for-All:

The Blue Team: Fransuave (C), Cassidy, Salvation, & DeadRat

The Red Team: Wolfy (C), Redshadow, Helena Revan, & Dragon


It looked like an easy win for Blue, but the Red Team fought hard and established the early lead, expanding the margin slowly but steadily throughout the event, winning by a final score of 80–71!



League 27 June 2021.jpg


All of the event pages, the leader board, and everyone's WikiJawa profile have been updated!  Congratulations to:


@redshadow, who with five crowns on the day, moves to within a single win of first-place all-time with 134 League titles!

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Thanks for posting the results! Sad I could not attend and take a few of them saber havens away from @redshadow😜

good job everyone who attended, looks like the competition was high!

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