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CONTEST Contest - SotW #542 Summer


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Planning to travel this summer? You're not alone | KX NEWS

Create a signature based on Summer 

Closing date for submissions: 26th July 2021

Next Week's Theme


Submission Stage Rules:

Participating rules:

  • Anyone can submit.
  • Screenshots are allowed JUST be creative. Don't leave them unedited!
  • Signatures resolution must be 500x250 or less. Make sure you do stick to the size limit. Width AND height. Entries with more pixels than the size limit won't be put up for the vote!
  • Do not use your past work which has already been submitted to the competition.
  • Do not use work that has been taken from another Author.
  • No Nudity.
  • No offensive remarks.

Breaking any of these rules can, and will, lead to disqualification from the current weeks SoTW.  

Participants can also write about their submitted signature. To do so, please write it underneath a title, Creator's Note. It will then be pasted under your submission in the voting stage.

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Got a call from a friend one night a few summers ago. He asked me if I wanted to wake up super early the next day to take pictures of the surfers on York Beach. Naturally I said yes. We arrived around 5am and it was brisk morning with perfectly clear skies and tons of surfers and people walking their dogs. This is summer in Maine.

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