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Unban Request - Faiordyn El'qar

Faiordyn Elqar

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Faiordyn Elqar

Jedi Academy name during the incident: Been a year or more, so now?  I don't remember exactly.
Reason(s) for being banned from The (JAWA) server: Spam????
What was the date?: I don't remember.
Which admin(s) were involved?: I don't remember.
Please explain in your own words what happened:

Other comments:
Banned for spamming non-stop, I think?  Not to sure at this point anymore.......

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Hello Faiordyn.

The council will discuss your unban request and let you know as soon as we come to a decision.

I would like to just note though, I've look at your report and you were not banned for spamming, nor was it over a year since your last incident.
March 2021 was the last known report of you. Two of the most common things you did were laming (which, given you've said you have now read our rules due to applying to the clan, you'll know is against our rules. Though, you'd have known this anyway as the laming reports went on from 2018 - 2021) and saying some rather nasty things such as this:



As I said though, the council will discuss your request and we'll get back to you soon.

Thank you,

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Hello Faiordyn. Sorry for the long wait on a reply.

The Council have discussed your unban request and have decided to keep it in place for now. The reasons for this are that you don't seem to know what you did to be banned nor do you remember when you did said things. As it was only March this year since the last report on you, not years ago as you stated in your application to join the clan, we feel like this is something you should remember. Your actions on our server were far from a minor incident and it had been happening since the end of 2018.
We feel like you haven't expressed that you're actually sorry for the actions you did and therefore, we advise you to wait 3 months before re-posting a new unban request and hopefully this will give you some time to reflect.
Thank you,

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