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EVENT Game Night, 6 October 2021: The Ringmaster


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Game Night, 6 October 2021



7:00 p.m. (JAWA) Time, 2:00 p.m. EDT


For this week's Game Night, Cassidy will be hosting a Ringmaster game on the main (JAWA) Server! We will try multiple versions during the event.

Ideally we would use JK2 Bespin map. If you don't have it, get it from here: https://jkhub.org/files/file/1423-bespin-ffa/ 

If we can't manage that, we will be on Taspir.


The show takes place on the landing pad/central platform on Bespin/Taspir.

You are either The Ringmaster, or a member of The Audience. The role of The Ringmaster will rotate after each round.


The Audience Wars

  • The Audience (normal players) gather around the Ring but must not enter the 'Inner' Ring.
  • The Ringmaster stays inside the Ring and must not leave it. However The Ringmaster is empowered and can use saber! (but can not heal)
  • The Audience will have the chance to take down the leader one-by-one. The chosen ones may enter the Ring and use their saber.
  • The round concludes when The Ringmaster is defeated, or everyone in The Audience dies.


The Revenge of the Ringmaster

  • Everyone is inside the Ring!
  • The Ringmaster is empowered but is only allowed to use saber throw as an attack.
  • The Audience must be in melee and must dodge the lightsaber being thrown.
  • The goal of The Audience is to defeat The Ringmaster using only melee.
  • The round concludes when The Ringmaster is defeated, or everyone in The Audience dies.


The Audience Strikes Back

  • The Ringmaster is inside the Ring and must not leave it. The Audience can't enter the Ring.
  • The Audience are equipped with a single blaster and should try to shoot The Ringmaster.
  • The Ringmaster's goal is to survive as long as he can, while in melee and staying inside the Ring! The attempts will be timed.
  • The longest time being alive wins (just like in "Watch out for snipers")!



There's no fixed number of rounds; the host keeps the scores and determines when the event concludes. 


See you there!


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