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Helena is a PERVERT! PROOF!!!


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[2021-10-15] [11:41:28] (JAWA)MistressHelena: How is everybody's Friday so far.
[2021-10-15] [11:41:35] Padawan (666): its great how is yours
[2021-10-15] [11:41:41] (JAWA)MistressHelena: Very well so far.
[2021-10-15] [11:41:48] LV?? [KAWA] Alexa: Good Fight!
[2021-10-15] [11:41:49] Padawan: gf
[2021-10-15] [11:41:53] (JAWA)GuardianGanjo: pretty good
[2021-10-15] [11:41:58] (JAWA)MistressHelena: I just got done sucking a big black c0ck, so it's a great day for me so far.
[2021-10-15] [11:42:02] Az: Decided to play some jka after 4-5 years  feels good to be back
[2021-10-15] [11:42:06] Padawan (666): LOOOOOOOOOL
[2021-10-15] [11:42:07] Padawan: lol
[2021-10-15] [11:42:08] Padawan (1): lol
[2021-10-15] [11:42:13] (JAWA)MistressHelena: I love BBC's
[2021-10-15] [11:42:18] Padawan (1): that took some patience
[2021-10-15] [11:42:20] Padawan (666): you dirty whore
[2021-10-15] [11:42:27] (JAWA)MistressHelena: Indeed, I am very naughty.




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3 hours ago, YUN_ said:

It literally says (JAWA)MistressHelena.  All the proof you need is staring you in the face.  She's very naughty!

Approved this just so I can reply.

I think you know as well as the rest of us that this isn't Helena. For one, she has never and would never speak like this. Secondly, her tags this month are not "Mistress" so again, this further proves this isn't her.

We know what you're trying to do here, Yun and it isn't working.

This topic will now be locked and the IMPOSTER will be looked into/kept an eye on.

Good day, Yun.

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