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I've been away for a while now. We have been understaffed at work since October, and I've had to work double-shifts at work or from home. I've been very exhausted and tired from work so all the free time I've had I have been sleeping and/or playing something with my IRL friends just to have a form of social life.

I was recently promoted when a few colleagues resigned, so I've had to do tons of extra work to make things happen at work. November and December are the worst months in the year and we've been severely understaffed for the season.


We are hiring at the moment, and things should be normal-ish in January. I'll be picking up my activity now that the worst season is over and im no longer doing more than the normal 40 hours a week at work.
Bear with me a little longer, i shall be back ❤️


Happy new year everyone.

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KanGy! Take care, man 🍻 These "burnouts" are a delicate matter to one's health.


It was nice meeting you on the server yesterday.

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