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OMG He Entered Retirement!!


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ON THE 13TH January 2022...



OMG it's St@rTy!!


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St@rty first joined the clan on the 18th October 2016 and has since made his name known as one of the best duelists in the clan,

He even won the (JAWA) Honor for Most Skilled Clan Member back in 2018!!

He has been a member of the Knights and has helped win many clan matches, even winning himself a wiki medal for great skill

in a clan match against >>|EFF|<<.

One of his most amazing accomplishments though was earning himself a medal for being the (JAWA) Champion at League for

6 consecutive months in a row!!!!


Please join us in wishing St@rTy the best! We hope to see you around soon.




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Ahhh, I still remember when you and Water got us good in that 2v2 a while back. Take care, man! Nothing but the best! 🍻

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