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VOTE Vote - SotW #557 The Marvel Cinematic Universe


SotW # 557 Winner?  

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  1. 1. Who will win it? You decide!!

    • Aya Solari
    • Helena Revan
    • RoseTyler
    • IronSkull86

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Closing date for votes:  10th May 2022!

Voting Stage Rules:

  • Do not vote for yourself. Votes for your own submission will not be counted, and you will be required to re-vote.
  • You can only vote for one Signature
  • Please vote fairly. People put time and effort into creating signatures for the SotW. Please vote for your own favorite one based on your artistic liking, not because the signature is by your friend
  • Anyone can vote as it is an open competition. We encourage everyone to participate, and everyone to vote.

Breaking any of these rules can, and will, lead to disqualification from the current weeks SotW




Aya Solari





Helena Revan

SotW 557 Helena.png

Creator's Note:


I was going for a comic book theme here, with separate panels.  Originally I meant to show more of Captain America's story arc, but in the end I thought it worked better with just the one film's images in the background.  Most them are just scaled and cropped—I did wind up painting in some missing corners, and I adjusted the brightness and contrast on part of one that I wound up cropping out.  The foreground image is more heavily rendered: the original had a white background, and was lit with very pale light, so after removing the background I adjusted the color balance on R, G, and B to achieve a more realistic skin tone, then increased both brightness and contrast, and used the eraser tool to smooth out the edges.  The MARVEL logo and signature are white text at 50% opacity, and the signature is in a font based on that used for the titles in The Avengers—a minor detail, seeing as it's inconspicuously small and not very visible.  I decided to let the pictures tell the story without more text.






Creator's Note:


Tobey is the best. xoxo





SotW 557 IronSkull86.png

Creator's Note:


RIP Iron Man :(


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Helena Revan

Aya Solari: a classic signature approach and technique, well-executed as always.  The only qualm I have is that it's not very Spidey, as Spider-Man doesn't usually have Captain America's shield—but that's not a huge problem.


Helena Revan: what clown doesn't use any effects besides just rendering images and stuffing them into frames?!  So amateur!


RoseTyler: that's more like it!  Two background fades.  That first costume really was lame, wasn't it?  Loving it!  I'm picturing Peter designing the spider stencil and leaving it lying around somewhere—he really upped his game fast!  Took me a minute to realize the cigar-shaped thing on the left was a pinky, and not something in the background—still not sure what that is above his hand.  Agree with the artist's note, Tobey was pretty good.  Although I kind of like Tom Holland too.


IronSkull86: what can I say?  That's some expert analysis.  Although I suppose it's fair to note that in the comics, death is never certain.  Sooner or later we'll see Iron Man again.  That was real quality superheroing.


Think I've got to go with Aya, because she just makes it look so effortless—Rose is a close second.



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