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EVENT *NEW EVENT* JAWA SpaceKarts Race by Xel!

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Hey everyone,


After experimenting a race, and doing some few laps with the swoops at the (JAWA) Temple's racetrack, I am planning to host a 1v1 swooper race event!


It will be single, or double elimination races, depending on the numbers of attendants, and races will be on 4 laps, single race. Winner goes to next round, loser loses, except from  the double elimination, where he has a second chance. The Final though, will be a best of 3.


The rules for the event are:

1. Start after the "* * * GO! * * *", when the countdown is over. If the start is jumped, the racer who commited the error will be disqualified. (DSQ)


2. Shooting each other is forbidden. If after the beginning of the second lap, a laser, or missile, or lightsaber hit does significant damage to other swooper, the racer will immediatly be DSQ and the opponent will win without finishing the lap he's currently on. There is a  missclick tolerance on the first lap. Beyond the second lap, it will refer to the first part of the rule.


3. If it happens to you to get stucked, or if your swooper explodes, sorry for you. You cannot be helped in any way. You will be DNF'd (=Did Not Finish), and thus, the opponent will have to finish. Therefore, if the opponent hasn't finished the lap by any cause, the race will be restarted, and will be a one lap race.


4. Unintentionally jumping from the swooper is allowed. You may get back on it. if you get off it, and start using your grappling hook, you will be penalized by a warning or worse.


That's all for the race rules for now, feel free to suggest for more!


Event could occur every month or every two months depending on availability.


If you have any question, feel free to ask! I hope it will please you, and shoutout to the SR members who were at this clan with me, that event might ring a bell to you! :D



See you on the server really soon, thank you for reading my post!


Xel :)


P.S: The event name will be (JAWA)SpaceKarts Race


EDIT : The first edition (Aka Pre-Season SpaceKarts Race cup) will happen saturday may 14th, at 7.30pm EU! (Paris, Berlin, Stockolm... timezone)


If it doesn't suit to anyone's schedule, I might change the date to another day, if too many people cannot join. See you there! :D

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Very good, this seems to me somehow familiar from the past I think Xel knows what I'm talking about 😉, mostly good ideas👍

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Hey everyone, with my excuses, the event will be postponed to next week, 21st may, at the same hour

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All in all a very interesting idea, which could be used for more than just swoops if need be, though the finer details need some work.


In terms of rules:

1. No false starts is obvious, though it can be an accident so you can restart this on first attempt (e.g. if loads of people false start).


2. No combat interference, meaning swoops can only interact with each other in the forms of bumping or cutting across one another, anything else is warning/DQ. 


3. A stuck swoop either finds a way out or concedes right there and then. An exploded swoop is an automatic loss in 1v1, but in larger races, it depends on who blew up first, as this fixes their place (e.g. the first exploded swoop is last and so on).


4. Unintentional jumps are fine, this can be a general rule that your distance only counts if you travel by swoop, you don't exist outside your swoop, so you can't complain if another swoop kills you when you're off it.

There should also be some kind of time limit to get back on a swoop to enforce the idea idea of intentional vs. unintentional.


The structure was unclear, but it should:

1. Avoid multiple 1v1s, as this could get very boring for others waiting if doing a large event.


2. Have one or more large group races with a minimum qualifying place (e.g. only those who placed 5th or above are not eliminated).

The qualifiers from these races can be merged into new groups for the next race and so on, with higher qualifying places as less remain, giving a sudden death vibe.

This would eventually lead to 1v1 between 1st and 2nd place for the title, like a tournament.


I would definitely want to see the results from this game, maybe with a table like structure or screenshots showing eliminations, as it would be entertaining.






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