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I present myself to the parole board


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Jedi Academy name during the incident: More than I can count, but KøRn, GøLâN, Worol and RajjToilet would be more notable ones.

Reason(s) for being banned from The (JAWA) server: Breaking of all website and server rules, as well as things beyond the scope of the aforementioned rules.

What was the date?: Anywhere in the 2006-2020 period.

Which admin(s) were involved?: Very large list, could be anyone, though I have definitely been banned by Link, Helena, StarKiller, Shadow and Lacey.

Please explain in your own words what happened:

Periodic violation of all the rules for many years, including but not limited to offensive language, exploits, impersonation and ban evasion.

Other comments:
I have had some time to really mellow out and think over everything I used to do, seeing as I don't really play much, if at all, and mostly lurk. I have no interest in trolling or JKA drama and was curious to see if I could still come back to the server in the future if I do reinstall just to jump on for a few hours.

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Hey Korn!

Been a long time since I saw your name around these parts. Hope you're doing well!


One of the Council will get back to you in here soon,



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Hello there Korn.


The Council has voted to lift your ban! 


Please keep in mind it may take a couple days to take effect.

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