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RESULTS First (JAWA) SpaceKart Race Cup Results (21/05/2022)!


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Hi everyone!


(JAWA) SpaceKart Race Cup has been held by myself, may 21st, and I (finally) tell you the results of the event!


Here are the participants:


Helena Revan




Ryderz on the storm


The tournament was held in a double elimination bracket. Let's first lean to the "winner" brackets:


First race was Helena Revan vs Ryder, Helena won the race and went through the next round.

Second, and last race of the first round, opposed M3m0 and Reiko, Reiko won it and arrives to the semi finals against Helena Revan.


Now onto (already) the winner semi finals: Helena Revan against Reiko. Did our favorite council member won the race and went through the final? The answer is.... Yes! Helena Revan is through the Final against... We will know right know, to the loser bracket!


First race of the loser brackets, aka the second chance brackets opposed Ryder and myself. A race which I won, and went through the semi finals of the lower brackets.

The second race opposed M3m0 and Reiko. M3m0 won the race and now has one race left to acceed to the grand Final against Helena Revan.


M3m0 vs Xel, the race that will determine who will have a chance to compete against Helena Revan to win the SpaceKarts Race Cup trophy.

That race, which was pertubated by an intruder who joined the track (who will stay anonymous to us), was won by myself.


Helena Revan vs Xel. A 100% JAWA Final who will end with one winner. We were 5, but only one has to come out victorious of this one.


After two intense laps of neck and neck drive, the suspense was finally broken at the last lap by the victory of...     Xel, myself, the first Champion of the (JAWA)SpaceKarts Race Cup!


Thanks to all the people who participated this first edition of the SpaceKart Race Cup, and see you in the next one, that will be hosted saturday, 25th june at 6:30 pm! A post will be done right after this one, for more informations.


See you on the server and/or at the next (JAWA)SpaceKart Race Cup!


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