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NOTICE The Same Leader Of Jacobie Every Day


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has come out of his hidey hole and returned to Leadership!





Today, the 22nd of June 2022, marks the day that Jacobie returns to the position of Leader. In the past, Jaco has worked hard in this position and has saved our skins from oblivion on numerous occasions, as well as generally keeping the clan alive and in check far before I ever returned to JAWA. He's easily recognisable around the clan, having earned himself many awards in the process, to recognise all the hard work he put in. Over the past year and a half, Cryso and I have been extremely busy IRL, creating the need for a more active leader. This has been a long time in the making, as I wanted to ensure that only someone I could trust and rely on would take their reign over the clan, who has the drive and focus as well as the knowhow.


After looking at a lot of different prospects and ideas to regain some of that strength we needed, Jaco stepped up and offered his services once more and given my history working with him as a Council, when he had the seat, I know just how strong of a new leader he will be. Not only from what he will bring, but how he will work with the current team up top.  Jaco's bluntness and determination to do what is necessary, rather than your good old patch job, just to keep us casually coasting along, is something that is definitely needed in this current leadership and is something that myself and the Council would benefit from and in turn, the clan. 


During Jaco's time in the Clan Supporter role, his insights have helped to a strong degree, as much as advice from an old man can. Being able to take on Leadership myself originally and still have Jaco there, in the sidelines to offer guidance, helped tremendously in getting started and even down the road. However, there's only so much nagging someone can do with that purple name, when they know they have new and fresh ideas to bring to the table. I have no doubt that Jaco will settle back in with ease, and be a strong leader as he has before.


With all that chatter out of the way, everyone please join me with a big welcome back and congratulations to Jacobie!

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@Jacobie: Many years ago, when I was using a wicked cool skin of yours without your permission, you shouted at me in Discord to cease my crimes with such rage and abandon, that to see you have ascended to power once again fills me with fear for JAWA's recruits. (Is there any way to post this here and to SPAM simultaneously? 😀)

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