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Wallpaper by Cuber


DEADLINE TO ENTER: 7th July 2022

All Entries must be PM'd to RoseTyler


Hello and welcome to the Summer Wallpaper Contest 2022! This has only been done once before but as the summer is here, why not do another one.

Remember you do not need to be a expert with artistic skills to enter this contest. All entries are anonymous and should be pm'd to me. It can be as simple or as complicated as you like, as long as it meets the rules set down below:


The rules for the contest may differ slightly each year, however the main rules are listed here.

  • One submission per person
  • Must be (JAWA), Star Wars or Jedi Academy related, ideally set around summer activities, such as going to the beach, sports, going to the fair etc... 
  • Has to be YOUR work, but you may use images from the web. Just don't leave them completely unedited. You may not submit on another persons behalf.
  • Has to be Summer Themed.
  • Has to be 1280x1024, 1600x1200 or 1920x1080.
  • You may use any medium you like, as long as it's edited into a 'wallpaper' style image for your computer. 
  • Submissions are to be pm'd to Nightwing  before the 27th June but after the 20th June
  • Anyone may submit a wallpaper. Guests, Allies, former or current members etc (As long as they have access to the forum) 


Enjoy, have fun and I look forward to seeing your entries!


Examples of the last Summer Wallpaper Contest submissions:










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