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Prestige Mode concept thought


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Greetings! Well, i hope you guys are well!

Its been a while since ive posted something in the forums and i thought about a certain prestige system based on the logics of the call of duty series.


Hm.. there would be the possibility to reachive those ranks. Now came to my mind, that you could use a certain color for ingame prestige notice possibilitys, and on the other hand, a section,

on members profile, or wiki page to see wich symbol you have gained already.


there are 9 useable colors actually, wich wouldnt really fit into every people's names, anyways, would be a way to display ingame (if somebody accepts this idea)

On the other hand it would be a great exercise for the arts club to design certain symbols.

Unfortunately i ain't able to draw well, and would love to see any drawn suggestions regarding that system.

Like anything that comes into mind, anything you might have drawn, symbol like, you always loved and would like to share with us would be awesome.



is there anything anybody would add? or are there any disagreements regarding that topic?

Anyways! i wish you a great time until we see each other on our server guys :)


P.s. sorry for any grammar issues 🤣

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