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RESULTS (JAWA) vs. Council Clan, 04 September 2022!


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On Sunday September 4th, the (JAWA) Knights and Council Clan held a three-round clan match along with two gauntlets on the (JAWA) Server! (JAWAclaimed the overall victory and brought it home to the sand crawler, but [C] put up a fight and gave it their all! Thank you to them for the huge turnout and making it eventful - we hope to do another very soon with them again!


Here's the breakdown:


Warm-Up Gauntlet



Round 1 



Round 2 (4v4)



Round 3



Ended with an open gauntlet for anyone to join.



Lastly, took some action shots - towards the end, it became a JAWA war vs Tuskens in the ending gauntlet. Was a lot of fun and good games to all! :jawa4:



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