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SotW # 566 Winner?  

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Closing date for votes:  3rd October 2022!

Voting Stage Rules:

  • Do not vote for yourself. Votes for your own submission will not be counted, and you will be required to re-vote.
  • You can only vote for one Signature
  • Please vote fairly. People put time and effort into creating signatures for the SotW. Please vote for your own favorite one based on your artistic liking, not because the signature is by your friend
  • Anyone can vote as it is an open competition. We encourage everyone to participate, and everyone to vote.

Breaking any of these rules can, and will, lead to disqualification from the current weeks SotW




Helena Revan

SotW 566 Helena.png

Creator's Note:


I had a little trouble finding an image I wanted to render, and after giving up on a few ideas I came back to this one:




Which I rendered, increasing contrast, and later increased saturation for blues only.  After I thought I was done with the signature, I realized that the reason for the flat upper edges of Haruko's hair and ponytail was the border in the original image.  So I went back to Gimp and used the cloning tool within the arc of an oval to paint in the missing part of the image.


The background is a collage of abstract brushes, with levels adjusted to add highlights, then gradient mapped, and the result shifted from blue to green.


For the gem attached to the chain on the hilt of Murakumo (Haruko's sword), I used the supernova effect, following the exact hue of the lightest part of the gem, and added a gradient flare underneath that for the halo effect.


The flames, like the glow from the gem, aren't shown in the original image, but are seen in the anime.  For these, I found a clip-art silhouette of a linear flame.  I scaled and rotated that, then cut off the end and rotated again to match the upper part of the arc of Murakumo's scabbard.  I erased the lower edge and repeated the process there with the other side of the clip-art flame, then painted in the gaps and colorized to match the hue of the gem.  Then I duplicated the flames and applied a gaussian blur to make the glow.  At first I worried that the flames were too dark, so I made a lighter version.  When I saw both glow effects overlapping, I decided to keep the darker version of the flames and both glows together.


A previous version of this signature showed a seam where I only rendered part of the scabbard, and the glow from the flames covered part of the hilt that I didn't make into a separate layer.  I went back and fixed that by rendering all of Murakumo separately from the rest, so now the glow doesn't obscure any of the sword.


The title uses two fonts: the upper part is Windsor, the lower Kells.  The contrasting fonts and colours were intended to add visual interest.  The rosy purple colour matches the bright sheen on Haruko's hair ribbon.  My signature is in Windsor, but transparent so as not to draw too much attention.  The text on the left margin reads "Amaya Haruko" (traditional Japanese order) in the Hiragino font, also in the same hue as the gem, but at about 50% opacity so that it doesn't stand out too much.  Since few of us read Japanese, it's mainly decorative in this signature.


The border is just black at the top and bottom, because Diab's signature tutorials recommend a border on larger signatures, and it looks nice here.  I didn't remember that the original image I rendered already had a similar border, because by that point I'd already done a lot of work on this!  Hope you like it!




Sotw Sov.png

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