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LEAGUE JAWA League Results, 25 September 2022

Helena Revan

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The (JAWA) League for September, 2022 was held this afternoon on the (JAWA) Server, and saw good participation once more!  Seventeen members participated in the Duel Tournament; three different members won two events each, and two events featured first-time winners!  Congratulations to all of this month's winners, and thanks to SephFF and Wolfy for helping to host this month's (JAWA) League!



Events and Winners:

Green = first time winner!


The Duel Tournament:


Qualifying Round:

Ice defeated Salvation


Round 1 Results:

Dragon defeated Ganjo

SephFF defeated Helena Revan

Acés defeated Picco

Crysophylax defeated Shadow

Wolfy defeated Perunamaha

Pandorum defeated Magnus D'Kana

Xel defeated Niko

Cronus defeated Ice


Round 2 Results:

SephFF defeated Dragon

Acés defeated Cryso

Pandorum defeated Wolfy

Xel defeated Cronus


Semifinal Round:

Acés defeated SephFF

Pandorum defeated Xel


Final Match:

Pandorum defeated Acés to win his first Duel Tournament, and earned the right to face Water for the (JAWA) Championship!



The (JAWA) Championship:

In the first duel, Pandorum gave the reigning champion a run for his money, falling just short as Water won with 27 hit points remaining!  But if Pandorum thought he would give as good as he got in the second round, Water was just as determined to prevent him, and this time he prevailed with 121 hit points to spare, keeping his title for another month!



FFA Events:


Singles Heaven: Perunamaha

Dual Heaven: Pandorum

Staff Heaven: Magnus D'Kana

Melee Heaven: Water

Freestyle Lightsaber Event: SephFF



The Tag-Team Tournament:


First Round:

SephFF & Xel defeated Wolfy & Picco

Cronus & Magnus D'Kana defeated Ganjo & Salvation

Water & Perunamaha defeated Helena Revan & Acés

Darth Lekku, fighting without a partner, defeated Pandorum & Niko


Second Round:

Cronus & Magnus defeated SephFF & Xel

Water & Peruna defeated Darth Lekku


Final Match:

Water & Peruna defeated Cronus & Magnus to win this month's Tag-Team Tournament!



(JAWA) Darts:

Seven competitors threw at Board 1 from the platform that bobs up and down beneath the board!  Pandorum started off the event with the only bullseye of the day, while the other participants took aim at the triple-200 space!  Dragon hauled in one triple, but fell just short of Pandorum's total of 680 points, at 660.  The score of the day belonged to Wolfy, who found his target twice, and finished with 1,220 points!  Pandorum came in second, and Dragon third.



Watch Out for that Sniper!

Eight snipers took aim this month, and all of the scores were single digits!  This month's winner was Helena Revan, who lasted nine seconds, just beating out Xel, who lasted seven.  Nobody else came close, as third place went to Pandorum, with four.



Merc War:

The field seemed wide open once again, but with a small group of competitors some familiar names remained toward the end.  Dragon, Ganjo, and Helena Revan were the last survivors, and while Dragon was safely ensconced in his usual lair, Ganjo was looking for a good spot to await attack after taking out another participant in building 1.  As he came up the elevator, Helena bullseyed him with a single rocket to even the score at 1–1 with Dragon.  But as time ticked on, she couldn't figure out how to flush the scaly merc from his fortress, and as she waited she made a bad jump and landed in the lava to hand her opponent the win!




This month's TFFA was held at the Yavin Training Grounds, with the red team represented by Salvation, Helena Revan, Dragon, and Xel, while the blue team featured Wolfy, Pandorum, Ganjo, and Cronus.  Niko was picked for blue, but had to leave before the event began.  Red took a slim lead early, and focused relentlessly on expanding it, finally claiming the win by 12 points, 81–69.



League 25 September 2022.jpg


All of the event pages, the leader board, and everybody's WikiJawa profiles have been updated.  Congratulations to:


@SephFF, whose win in the Freestyle Lightsaber Event gives him thirty-six League crowns, and moves him into fourteenth place all-time!


@Wolfy, whose Darts victory makes him just the fifth member ever to reach seventy League titles!

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