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Favourite Podcast Moments!


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For the 100th Episode of the Podcast, I need your help!
Do you have a favourite moment from the past few years? If you do, please either send me the clip or an episode number and timestamp so I can get a compilation for the episode!
You can either send them here, via PM or on Discord: DropDeadPrincess#3386

Thank you,

- Rose. :rose:

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i remember an episode where we de-railed before we even got properly started, and one where we broke Diab among other things..but that was from waaay back, if it applies i can look for it 


language warning 😜


did the work:


7:45 - 11:00 de-railed so much we broke Diab along the way
talking about funding and breaking everyone 35:00 - 43:30-ish

continues at 1.17:35





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