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I'm back, and slightly smarter.


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So been about 10 weeks of me being AFK... WHY 10 weeks you ask? Thats how long my college classes are for a semester... 


Managed to pass my Greek art and archaeology class with a 86%. This required basically making my self fully offline to the internet or else my ADHD would kick in and id never get anything done. As it stands now... I only have two classes left till I finally earn my BA degree. So kind of a big deal lol. Gonna try to step up my activity... just not too much as while in class, I also fell behind in some house hold things I need to do but they should be easy enough. Also have some IRL graphic design jobs I gatta complete for some clients. I got all of December free and start my next class in January. Only taking one class per semester as thats all I can handle with a wife, 3 kids, and 2 dogs lol. 


i'll need help getting gud again! see yall on the server soon™!

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Welcome back my friend! So cool to see you moving forward, even with everything you have on your plate. You're an inspiration! Keep up the hard work. Hopefully we'll catch some duels here soon. :) 

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