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Pending Application: Malgus


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:wrinkley i am: About Me
Jedi Academy name: Malgus
Previous names: Malgus, Revan
Discord name: Pottseh#8002
Country: England

:sand: My Jedi Academy Experience
Length of time playing Jedi Academy/Outcast 8 years on and off
Previous clans, schools, or teams: Revelation, Eclipse
Reasons for leaving previous clans: Inactivity in the clan, Clan disbanding
Websites of previous clans: Home - Revelation - Enjin
Are you an active member of a Jedi Academy school, training program, or TFFA team? No

:JAWA: (JAWA) Related 
Reasons for applying: So yeah, I should probably explain, as many of you know I was in JAWA from 2017-2019, when I left to join Eclipse, that all kicked off and I joined back into JAWA but I didn't really feel like I had a place anymore, I'm not sure why, but I was dealing with a lot of shit that made my head kind of weird and I didn't feel like I belonged anywhere. Now it's been a couple years and I've reflected I realised how stupid that was, I'd like to start over in JAWA, and give it another good run :)
Have you read and do you agree to follow our rules? Yes, of course 
Length of time playing on our server: 5(ish) years?

:r2: Other Comments

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8 minutes ago, Aya Solari said:

GL Malgus :D

Thanks Aya! Nice to hear from you!

2 hours ago, p1cco said:

Oh, hi there! I’ll see you around, good luck with your application!

Thanks Picco!

3 hours ago, KanGy said:

Heya Malgus ❤️

Hey Kangy!

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Welcome back, Malgus!


Since it's been a while since you were last in the clan, we're sending you to a poll so that newer members are encouraged to meet and get to know you!  Don't worry, as long as you stay active during your trial, you should sail through with no problems.  You may immediately put on (JAWA-T) tags, and of course, you're invited to this Sunday's (JAWA) League—I'll PM you the password shortly.


Once again, welcome home, and may the Force be with you!






Edited by Helena Revan
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2 hours ago, LoneStar said:
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Good luck Malgus, not that you'll need it! Hope to see you on the server at some point!

Thank you LS! I’m sure we can catch up soon enough!

59 minutes ago, Arlu3n said:

Sorry, who are you? :P

You should know Wiki Goblin xD

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