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Casting Call: Fun Ways to Die


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Hey All!

I would like to do a fun like Jedi Academy version of this video.




First step, I would like to get some idea from people as to Fun Ways to Die in the game so we can capture them on video in game.

I can't do this alone, so I would also like a few volunteers that are willing to be cast in various roles for the production of the video.


***All volunteers need to be able/comfortable with being on voicechat***


Casting Call:

Cameraman 1: Darman
Cameraman 2:


Jawa 1: Xel

Jawa 2: Aces

Jawa 3: Maverick

Jawa 4:

Jawa 5:


Video Editor 1: Darman
Video Editor 2: Xel

Video Editor 3: 


Fun Ways to Die:

  • Sandworm on Taspir
  • DFA'd from the top of the Vjun pit
  • Basic'd by blu stance
  • Blown up by a prematurely detonated det pack
  • The new guys tries to help you set up trip mines
  • Crushed by an elevator


Once we get some ideas and some volunteers we can hammer out dates to start the production.

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4 minutes ago, Xel said:

I can sign up for a Jawa, and possibly for an editor. What kind of level of editting does it require to edit the clip?


To be determined. For now, I just need someone experienced with editing software like Adobe Premiere.

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I can definitely fill the role of a Jawa. A fun way to die in game would be by a sandworm on Taspir, DFA'd from the top of the Vjun pit, Basic'd by blu stance, blown up by a prematurely detonated det pack, when the new guys tries to help you set up trip mines. Those are some that come to mind right now.

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