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MIA due to power outage

Helena Revan

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Hi, everyone!  I’m out of commission due to last night’s windstorm.  Just got an update from the power company, and they estimate restoration by 10:00 p.m. Tuesday!  Maybe I’ll be lucky, and they’ll finish a lot sooner, but for now it looks like I’ll be missing the Power 10 seeding tournament and Knights practice tonight and Monday.  Hope you guys have a good time without me, and I’ll see you again as soon as I can!



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Holy smokes that's a while! Hope they get it up soon! I'm going to miss you Helenasplaining the power 10 guidelines to us but I'm sure Dace will do fine!

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*Captains Log*


It's been 18 hours without Helena. Most of the crew is getting wary.


Some are even showing more extreme swings in behavior.


Ken chewed off his own leg.


Loki fled to the wilderness alone.


Seph stopped eating crayons.


Yun stopped trolling and is applying to be a Harvard Law student.


I'm not sure how much longer we will last at this rate.



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